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SRAM save file names are incorrect for short file names.


So I had a look in my N8's "SAVE" folder, where I discovered a very odd filename:

Hoshi no Kirby - Yume no Izumi no Monogatari (J) [!].nes

This isn't a ROM that I put on my SD card.  (Like, ever.  I just got this N8 yesterday and only copied ROMs to it once when I noticed this.)

The other file names were identical to ROMs that actually are on the SD card, except for one other.  I have a ROM named "Pirates.nes" but the filename in the folder is "pirates..nes", having a lower-case P and two periods.

So today I decided to investigate what's going on here.  I deleted all of the files in the SAVE folder, then put it back in the N8, where I started only one game, named "A Link to the Past.nes".  Afterwards, I powered the NES off and on, then looked in the SAVE folder using the file browser of the N8, where it showed only one file, named "Pirates.nes".  I thought "at least it's saving it with the correct file name now," but then I put the SD card back in my computer only to find that, on my computer, the file name shows up as "pirates..nes" again.

At this point I'm thinking that maybe the N8 keeps SRAM data in its internal memory until a new game is loaded.  This would mean that mine came to me (from Amazon) with Hoshi no Kirby already loaded into it (perhaps I got a used cartridge, or maybe they're all tested with a game before being sold) and so it wrote out that save file when I loaded a new game.  This seems to be confirmed as when I then put the card back in the N8 and loaded Super Mario Bros., and then power cycled it again, I found the "The Adventure of Link.nes" in the SAVE folder.  That seems like something that should be in some documentation.  "Automatically backs-up saves to SD card. There is no need to push reset before shutting down the system."  That sounds like it happens, you know, automatically, not in response to anything the user has to do in order to cause the save, like loading a different game.  This seems like important information for anyone who might use multiple SD cards.

So my remaining question is, where is it getting the file name "pirates..nes" from? 

So I took the Pirates.nes and made 8 copies of it, naming them "Test.nes", "Test1.nes", "Test12.nes", "Test123.nes", etc.  I then loaded each one into the N8.  Afterwards I checked the file names in the N8 file browser where they showed up correctly, then put the card into my computer where I saw that the first three were named test.nes,,, where it's just taking the letters, making them lowercase, and inserting a period at the 8th location.  Then the next one is test123..nes, which is interesting because it's the first to get the proper ".nes" extension despite the name not yet being 8 characters long, but the initial letter is still lowercase.  All of the longer file names correctly have a capital letter and a ".nes" extension.  Curious what would happen with shorter file names, I created three more, "T.nes", "T1.nes", and "T12.nes".  Those turned into "t.nes.", "t1.nes." and "t12.nes."

Since I use Linux, I wondered if this might be a problem with Linux reading or writing the filesystem incorrectly.  So I put the card into Windows, where I copied folder of test files onto the hard drive, then renamed them all like "A.nes", "A1.nes", "A12.nes", etc.  I then put the card back into the N8 and the first thing I noticed is that the file names don't show up correctly in the file browser.  They show up as "A        NES" (an A, seven spaces, then NES), then the next one is "A1      NES" (A1, six spaces, then NES) and this continues until A12345678.nes where the file names start being displayed correctly.  So I loaded all of these ROMs and then put the card back into my computer (linux) where the file names show up as "a.NES", "a1.NES", "a12.NES" and so on until "A12345678.nes" which is the first one to correctly show a lowercase "nes".  I then put the card into my laptop (windows) where they show up the same way.  I then put the card back into the N8 to check how it displays the file names, and it too displays them that way.  So, it's broken in a different way if the files are written with Windows instead of Linux, but it's broken either way.

Anyway, I guess it works as the correct save data is loaded for each ROM, but it still seems buggy.

Also, I bought this cartridge new from Amazon, so I don't know who played "Hoshi no Kirby - Yume no Izumi no Monogatari (J) [!].nes" on it.  If that's not part of Krikzz's testing procedure then I guess Amazon sold me someone else's return.  Perhaps that's why it didn't come with any kind of documentation.  I wonder if there was anything else I was supposed to get with it.

I remember that Krikzz used to test his Everdrive GB with Hoshi no Kirby and it came preloaded into the flash when people bought it. I think it's just part of the testing procedure.

That thing with periods in the filename sounds like a bug though. You have the Pro right? It never happened for me on the original N8, even with very short filenames.


--- Quote ---You have the Pro right?
--- End quote ---

No, I have the non-pro N8.


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