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EverDrive GB X3 cheat issue

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Can anyone tell me how to use cheats in ED GB X3~
Thanks a lot~

To add cheats to a certain game, press A once on it and choose "Select only", the game will load but not boot, then press select and cheats. After entering the cheats, load the game or press start.

Only rom patch cheats will work, ram patch cheats don't.

Hi,Marteicos,first thank you for your help.
But,after I did what you told me and the cheats still don't work~I played 3 games: Metal Gear Solid(u),Top Gear Pocket 2(u), Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages(u),with the cheats from ""😥

Everdrive only support game genie codes

Finally~It worked!
Thanks everyone~


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