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In hoping this gets Krikzz's attention, I just wanted to add that I've been having the same problems with my X'Eye. It even resulted in graphical glitches during certain games; Universal Soldier, for instance, had a messed up title screen and completely misplaced objects at the start of the second stage (although sometimes they would appear okay), while Strider had garbled graphics for the enemy during the intro. I was assuming that one of the pins on my cartridge slot wasn't making constant contact, but like you, I also don't recall having any problems on the earlier OS variations.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of my other CD stuff hooked up right now, so I can't tell if it's only an X'Eye thing. I might be willing to just stick with one of the earlier OS's if it wasn't for the fact that I use my model 1 a lot too.

It's not the CDX's fault per se, it's just that you can't play those super huge ROMs on anything with an SCD or 32X attached due to the addresses they use (which just so happens to include the CDX).

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