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Mega EverDrive / MEGA ED PRO Flaws in SEGA CD/MSU Side
« on: April 10, 2021, 10:38 PM »
Hi guys,

I've been playing games on MEGA ED PRO since January 2021 with no issues.
But this week, MEGA ED PRO has been having problems...las Sunday I couldn't complete third battle in Shining Force CD (freezes in beginning or end of battle, before saving point) and freezes in Lunar Eternal Blue introduction in different points.

Initially I thought it might be isolated problems with these games and decide to order a new micro SD Card after read in Everdrive Forum information about card incompatibilities. Ok, yesterday new SD cart arrives (Samsung EVO 128gb) and after a massive testing period, the problems got worse!

Last Thursday, I tested with several cards (Sandisk 16/32GB, Lexar 128gb, Samsung EVO 128gb) and different console versions (two different JP MD and Brazilian Tectoy MD III (same Genesis 2 Hardware) but things became impractical.

My last hope was use repair tool to downgrade the cart to OS 4.08, but things don't changed.

After all this, MD ROMS plays flawlessly.
Please, any idea? Or should I consider my MEGA ED PRO to be defective?  :(

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