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Can't Sync Joyzz to Receiver

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Just received my Joyzz in the mail and can't sync with receiver (using Mega SG), I:
- Connect the receiver and start the device
- Mega SG boots and receiver has solid red light
- I hold the sync button on the receiver and light starts blinking
- I hold Mode +XYZ on the controller
Nothing happens. The LED never shuts off and there is no sync. This is literally just taken out of the box.
Any ideas?

To update - I left this plugged into USB overnight in hopes that charging might help. No difference.
I hold the key combination Mode +XYZ and the red light continues blinking, so no sync.
Unless there are any other suggestions I have to assume this is defective.
Should I go about returning through Amazon?

I had this replaced by Amazon and I still have the same issue.
I turn on the Mega SG, LED lights up solid red on the receiver.
Hold down the sync button on the the receiver until the LED starts blinking.
I then hold mode+ xyz on the controller.
Nothing happens. The light continues to blink and no sync.
I myself admit it seems unlikely that I've received two defective controllers in a row, but I struggle to see what I'm doing wrong here.
Any ideas?

receiver and controller pair usually comes already synchronized. it can be discharged battery, or controller in sleep state. To return from sleep state you should push start or one of dpad directions.

Thanks for replying, it works now!
I left the controller to charge overnight. Plugged in and started the mega sg and it was paired.
Look forward to using it!


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