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I am also having problems with version 1.20, constants IO erros making it almost impossible to load a rom with the 2gb sd patriot card, let some IO errors with 8gb sandisk. many IO errors when browsing folders with sd pratriot, and rarely, but happens, with sd sandisk . I have no problem with version 1.16. Whith the rom already loaded in memory, when the O.S. loads, pressing start had no problem running (for the time I tested). Have any sd card read and write routines changed in version 1.20? Igor, do you recommend any sd cards?

EverDrive N8 / load cheats from txt file
« on: November 12, 2015, 02:44 PM »
cheating in Everdrive N8 works the same way as Everdrive md? I am unable to allow more than one cheat in n8. to Everdrive md I have a folder with the name of the game, within it have multiple files with a specific cheat and so will running one by one, what tricks I want to activate. n8 in everdive seems that the last loaded cheating always replaces the previous one. There is also no cheating charged message, or appears, appears very fast, so not to know that the rom was modified with cheating.

OS version 13 and earlier are not properly ordering the file names.
It is a silly thing, but it could be verified. thank you

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