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Incompatibility issues with earlier models & the FXPAK Pro


Hello fellas!
I was looking to get myself an FXPAK Pro to go along with my launch model SNES (4 rubber feet, both silver tags, cart lock & eject white print)
...Then I found out that some of these get problems with the FXPAK Pro.

But what is the actual rate of incompatible earlier consoles?

To give me an idea if I should roll the dice and try buying one anyways, I thought about putting up a poll asking users with early launch models if they ever had trouble with their FXPAK Pro (gfx glitches, overheating, blackscreens, anything game-breaking).

Thanks for those answering ; you guys are helping me make an informed decision (plus maybe this could be useful in showing how many people have had trouble with this configuration)

The problem was said to be for PPU2 v1 or v2 not just v1 as in your poll. Only v3 doesn't have the problem. It also doesn't seem to affect the older SD2SNES which works fine on about any SNES. It's easy to tell if you are affected or not if you are experiencing glitches by taping the MCK pin on the FXPAK and see if the glitch goes away.

Ikari_01 should know more but he haven't been here in years.

Thanks for the reply nuu, I did see that the problem also affected PPU v2.
Seems not every console is affected which is why I was curious and I made this poll.
There wasn't enough poll choices to include every console config separately and I wanted to know about the 1/1/1 more specifically, which is why the PPU v2 isn't included in poll choices.


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