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Joyzz / A cheap solution for those with crappy quality shells
« on: May 23, 2019, 04:05 PM »
I got the Joyzz controller from Krikzz directly around 2 months ago, and what a brilliant bit of kit it is. Easily the fastest response wireless controller on the market, second to none. But I feel he really skimped out on the plastic quality and the printing. It feels really cheap and brittle. On my controller, after just 2 months, the start button label has already started to fade. Not good at all for a supposedly premium product. I even had a whinge here on the forum about a replacement shell, which seemed to get me nowhere. So I pre-ordered the new Retro-Bit officially licensed controller, purely just for the shell. This was only £15 posted here in the UK. I've linked it below. It arrived today and the quality is fantastic. It could be passed off as an original, official controller any day. So I did a straight PCB swap and I now have a very tasty Sega-branded wireless controller. I put the PCB from the Retro-Bit pad into the Krikzz shell, where it will live out it's life as a very decent player 2 controller. Nice to see that even the moulded plug is Sega-branded too.

It's a shame that Krikzz doesn't seem to want to address this issue or offer any kind of compensation, but to be honest, even if he did offer me a replacement shell, I'd have refused after seeing these new officially licensed controllers at such a great price. He should start selling the PCB separately so that people can put them in shells of their choice, because the board itself is phenomenal.

Mega EverDrive / Shortcuts to ROMs on Everdrive?
« on: March 29, 2019, 05:55 PM »
I like having my ROM collection in one big folder, A-Z. But to make things easier to find and more organised, I want to make some folders for genres. Is it possible to put shortcuts in the genre folders instead of doubling-up on ROM files? Thanks in advance.

Mega EverDrive / "Random game" only plays SMS games? X3
« on: November 16, 2016, 05:54 AM »
Hello all,

Recently got my X3 and loving it. Loaded up with Mega Drive and Master System games as well as random homebrew and stuff. I've noticed the "play random game" feature only ever seems to play SMS games. Anyone else noticed this or know why, or is it just a problem I'm having?

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