Author Topic: Issues with controller not responsing/lagging.  (Read 3837 times)

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Issues with controller not responsing/lagging.
« on: August 25, 2018, 10:03 PM »
I've had this controller for about 2 months now and just randomly it started acting weird.  Button presses don't register all the time now.  Is it just low on battery? 

Again, didn't experience any issues until today. 


I believe it was low battery.  I just tried it while plugged via USB cable to my computer and its working fine again.   Hard to tell when battery is low since there is no light indicator.
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Re: Issues with controller not responsing/lagging.
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2018, 05:58 PM »
this occurs more times? here the receiver shows a light for any seconds and the controller stops working for any seconds... then back to normal... this occurs every 3 ou 5 minutes..any idea?

is much difficult know when the battery is slow.. the utility bin to run in console so isnt intuitive... i dont knows what info of the battery is low...

did you try charge the controller on a power bank? my impression was this not works..i put in my power bank but any seconds after the power bank light turns off.. anyway a put all the last night in power bank and now the problem of sync its working... (or the joyss not charged, or the sync problem not is related to battery)

i wil try put the joyzz on my cellphone charge some hours an try again verify if the problem stops...

(vc é brasileiro?) se sim... tentei carregar num power bank a noite toda e de manha o problema continuava acontecendo... creio que nao carregou no power bank... ate pq apos alguns segundos nele a luz do power bank apagava...

vo tentar num carregador de celular... isso tem acontecido constantemente com vc? é foda saber quando a bateria ta fraca...faltava uma luz... existe um bin q vc roda no console mas ele é confuso nao explica direito se a bateria ta boa ou nao...