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Title: FXPak Pro / Super NT Black Screen
Post by: Pneumatic on May 11, 2021, 01:02 AM
Hello everyone,

I bought a FXPak Pro a few weeks ago, it was working fine at first, but started showing a black screen or showing a messed up menu. It was intermittent at first, but has since stopped working entirely. It only shows a black screen regardless of whether an SD card is inserted or not. I'm running it on a new Super NT, I've tried other cartridges and they all work fine.

I've tried all of the troubleshooting I've seen recommended elsewhere:
Different SD cards
Updated Super NT firmware
Trying different SD2SNES firmware
Cleaning contacts on the cartridge and the SD card

I've run the SD3SNES diagnostic and included the test_log.txt below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.