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EverDrive N8 / EverDrive N8 and Nt Mini Noir (Firmware 1.2) issue
« on: March 14, 2021, 10:53 PM »

I'm experiencing an issue with the recently released Nt Mini Noir firmware version 1.2. With this firmware, my Everdrive N8 shows vertical dot-lines on the screen. I'm totally sure it's not an issue with the cartridge connection. Using this new version, my Everdrive N8 cartridge persistently fails showing this graphical glitch. Details:

Device Info:
-- OS ver: 1.25
-- Bios ver: 5
-- Cpld ver: 2
-- Adate: 30.01.18
-- Atime: 21:18

Example images showing the issue with the new firmware and how it works correctly on previous firmware:

Everdrive N8 device info:

Everdrive N8 and Nt Mini Noir with previous firmware (1.1) - it works fine:

Everdrive N8 and Nt Mini Noir with last firmware (1.2) - it fails showing graphical glitch:

With previous firmware (1.1) everything works fine. I can play with my Everdrive N8 without any issue. All games load as expected as well as original Famicom cartridges.
With new firmware (1.2) using original Famicom cartridges it works fine: no graphical glitches at all. But using Everdrive N8 it persistently shows the vertical dot-bars. Apart from the graphical glitch with the Everdrive N8, games seem to work fine.

For me, it looks like a firmware issue. But I would like also to get your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

EverDrive N8 / EverDrive N8 and Mini Nt Noir issue
« on: December 07, 2020, 05:46 PM »

I'm experiencing issues with my recently received Mini Nt Noir console. The console, in conjunction with Everdrive N8, seems to work fine when using only HDMI output. But when I tried to use it with a CRT, using the existing analog output included by the console, and the RGC lead ( ) to connect the Mini Nt to the CRT TV, sometimes I get glitches images and sound during console startup and Everdrive cartridge doesn't boot (showing "Disk IO Error 62" when trying to access Everdrive cartridge from Mini Nt Noir menu):

- Screenshot:
- Test 01:
- Test 02:

Using original Famicom cartridges, I can't reproduce the issue, with the console working fine in next scenarios:

-- Using HMDI output
-- Using analog output from console
-- Using HDMI + Analogue DAC

About previous scenarios, it's curious that, when using HDMI+DAC+Everdrive N8, console boots right ( ). And I can boot Everdrive N8 cartridge as well. But some games show random glitches like Akumajou Densetsu ( ).

I suspect the issue could be related with the power adapter. The voltage seems correct ( ), but probably the amperage of the AC adapter ( ) is not enough for powering the console+analog output+Everdriver N8. The AC adapter has 1A12W max output as you can see in the previous screenshot.

Looking forward to any suggestion to figure out how to solve this. I would like to use my Everdrive N8 with the Mini Nt Noir + CRT. But at this moment it seems challenging.

I have created a support case in Analogue just to make sure as well there is not a problem with the console. I don't think so as it work perfectly when using original cartridges or when not using the analog output if I'm using the Everdrive N8.

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