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EverDrive N8 / N8 Pro with Super Retro Trio no Sound problem
« Last post by MadCom on Today at 07:00 PM »
Hello, I just got my N8 Pro. I have Super Retro Trio (not Plus) and in compatibility list shows that N8 Pro should work. And it kinda works, I can play games, but there are no sound. Does anyone can confirm that they have Super Retro Trio and working sound? Is there any steps that I could take to make it work?
EverDrive GBA / Re: CR1225 battery?
« Last post by pomstazlesa on Today at 05:10 PM »
dont have a GB x7 to test with but same principles apply to it, or any other cartridge, using the CR1220 holder
EverDrive GBA / Re: CR1225 battery?
« Last post by Galron on Today at 03:39 PM »
How about the holder on the GB x7?

One reason I ask, is because I need to replace battery in both my x5 and GB x7... The problem I have is I can't seem to find 1220's in the local stores but they have loads of 1225s....
EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« Last post by Galron on Today at 03:24 PM »
Ya, the dust cover option.

Personally I'm thinking of getting one of the regular Omega's (with the DS Lite dust cover) for use in my DS Lite, will probably use my oversized GBA X5 for use in my Gameboy Player, and the Omega Definitive Edition (which is a size 'inbetween') for most uses (GBA AGS-101 and other GBA in my collection).

I have several options for my Super Gameboy, between original Everdrive GB, and ED X7, as well as FPGA method on the SD2SNES Pro/FXPak Pro, etc... But I'd definitely buy a 'slim' option if it existed for carrying around for my GBA AGS-101, or other GBA's in my collection. It would be so much easier to carry around since it wouldn't stick out, or at least stick out as much (if they were forced to use Boktai or Yoshi's Topsy Turvy form factor).
EverDrive 64 / How can you put the NES RNG in a known state?
« Last post by jameslusher on Today at 11:10 AM »
The classic Tetris World Championship uses the original NES console modded to deliver the same RNGs to both players:

Players WILL have the same RNG

I am wondering how this was done. So my question has two parts:

What random seeds are used by the NES?
How can this seed be manipulated?
EverDrive GBA / Re: CR1225 battery?
« Last post by pomstazlesa on Today at 11:04 AM »
tried CR1225 in gba x5 mini and it fits in just fine, gets out of the battery holder just as 'easily' as CR1220. no structural damage done to the battery holder, no cart bulging, seems to work just fine. try at your own risk. unless you have a badly soldered on battery holder, in your gba x5 mini, it should work without any issues

Nice to know... so what's up with the opposing answers in previous posts?

Good question. no details or any arguments were presented, why you shouldnt use CR1225, just unhelpful 'yes' and 'no' answers. but i'll argue against myself xD with some added SPECULATION on the topic.


reason, why gba x5 mini is shipping and recommends using CR1220 battery might be one or both:
1. the CR1220 battery is cheaper, lowering the cost to make the cartridge[unless they would suddenly decide to ship the cartridge without a battery, unlikely]
2. the soldering quality of battery holder might be inconsistent in this large run, where some can handle CR1225 and others cant but all can handle CR1220 without issues


before you attempt to put CR1225 into your gba x5 mini, just use your existing CR1220 to do these steps:
1. try removing the battery and observe the battery holder. is it flexing? or in any way trying to move? are the solder joint absolutely rigid, with no movement whatsoever? if no, they you are good
2. while removing the battery, you should feel a resistance, as your pushing out the battery out of the holder. get a good feel for it, it will be important later.
3. same as steps 1. and 2. but now, putting the battery get in. check how the holder behaves, especially the solder joints. you should feel some resistance, while putting the battery in.

if there was nothing wrong, during the test with CR1220 battery, move on to CR1225. you should feel same resistance as with CR1220. if not, insert it very carefully and continuously check the solder joint of the battery holder. if at any point, you see battery holder behaving differently, while you are still inserting the CR1225, compared to CR1220, stop inserting it and remove the CR1225, use only CR1220. if everything goes fine, without any issues, then you should have no problems using CR1225 in your gba x5 mini cartridge.

its not uncommon, for battery holders to be able to house different size batteries, close in size. similar thing goes for CR2032 battery holder, which can also hold CR2025 battery, thats 7mm of difference, within spec. those holders, usually have 2 solder joints, while the one in gba x5 mini has 3 solder joints. it might very well be a CR1225 holder but, because of the reasons mentioned in SPECULATION, it ships with CR1220 instead.

use common sense and be careful.
FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: FXPAK PRO Real time Clock issue
« Last post by Trunks_o0 on Today at 10:23 AM »
Thanks for the reply. Can I ask how off is it for you ?
Just to compare if it off by the expected amount (is mine worse off than others), what I have seems to be adding a 1 min and 10 seconds a day. so 180 min or so  into the future for 6 months roughly speaking.
FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: FXPAK PRO Real time Clock issue
« Last post by nuu on Today at 10:16 AM »
I have an older SD2SNES and it has also always been quite off. Maybe it's just a cheap RTC chip, or the crystal used isn't very suitable for an accurate RTC?

It's not a big deal, you just have to adjust it once every 6 months or so to prevent it from drifting off too much.
EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« Last post by nuu on Today at 09:51 AM »
Oh it's like the DS Lite dustcover shell option that my M3 Lite GBA/DS flashcart had. I seldom used it as I wanted to be able to play GBA games on a GBA, and it required some screwing to change shells. The DS Lite dustcover shell is foolproof, you simply can't insert it in a GBA by mistake due to a tab on the side. To make a GBA-sized GB/GBC flashcart foolproof it would need to have the GBA shell with the protruding part which prevents it from fitting in a DMG/GBC and is also used for pushing it out with the thumbs, and have the width of a DMG cartridge so that it hits the GBC mode switch properly when inserting it into a GBA.

Lack of room for the required level shifters is a concern though, as GBC mode operates in 5V while many of the flashcart parts are 3.3V only. Only GBA flashcarts can do without level shifters as GBA mode operates in 3.3V.

It's still a no thanks for me as I prefer to play DMG games on my SGB2, but I understand that some people wants this.
EverDrive 64 / Hex Editor in Super Mario 64
« Last post by ethelbertmagnus on Today at 07:07 AM »

Does anyone know how to change the lines of text in the Hex Editor?! In the Text Manager you can do this in the Dialogbox Size. There you can set if you want 1 - 5 lines or more. But if I replaced the text in the Hex Editor, where can I change the lines?
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