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A neoprene sleeve? I’ll be the one that came with the Psp would fit great. Anyone have one to try?

Never thought of that! I have one in the box from my PSP 1000. Time to dig it out! Thank you!

No go... Not even without the everdrive...

A neoprene sleeve? I’ll be the one that came with the Psp would fit great. Anyone have one to try?

Never thought of that! I have one in the box from my PSP 1000. Time to dig it out! Thank you!

Thanks for the thought but yes, I meant the original GBA.

... And I am still looking...  :'(

I've ordered this carrying case off eBay. I believe it's an officially licensed or even first-party carrying case designed for GBA and GBC. Works flawless with the EverDrive inserted.

Thank you!!!

Thanks for the thought but yes, I meant the original GBA.

... And I am still looking...  :'(

EverDrive GBA / Sleeve/Case for Original GBA w/Everdrive x5??
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:39 PM »
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has had good luck finding a Neoprene Sleeve or slim fitting case for an original GBA that still fits with an Everdrive x5 inserted? I am having a helluva time looking for something myself that already exists. I'm sure I could custom order on Etsy but was hoping for something $10.00 or less.

Does anyone have any info they care to share?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Off Topic / Re: Retron 5 compatibility
« on: February 25, 2014, 02:03 AM »
Saw an "outtakes/extra footage" video that showed the hyperkin rep swapping from one snes cart to another.  The outlook is grim for using EDs on it IMHO... The rep didn't power the system down and immediately upon inserting the next cart it either read tge rom header to identify it or dumped the cart into ram/flash. If the former it would have to be hacked to add the EDs to it's database (if even doable/useful). If the latter the EDs would only load whatever the last flashed rom was with no abikity to change it (if it works at all).

Eagerly awaiting April...

OK, cool. I think you would do fine with either a NES or a Sega Genesis/MD. Personally I'd do the Genesis because it would be different, look cool in black and the front controller port locations would be great for two paired USB ports (4 total)


and she can handle MAME without any issues? I can def see this being an awesome project with some custom matching USB arcade sticks.

Does the SBC have USB ports?

(looking into it now)

The reason I suggested using original nes controllers was because I personally wouldn't expect the system to handle newer games that need 6 buttons and such. The reality is it woukd likely handle all but the last 5yrs or so if the mame game catalog

Buy a dead NES. Gut it out and do a mini ITX pc inside running mame for the classic games and maybe even NES emulation as well. Wire it to use original NES controller ports and unmodified controllers.

...For what Japanese exclusives are playable without Japanese literacy you just have to try.

Guess you're not familiar with Hyperspin for windows emulation/arcade builds  ;)
All hyperspin minted cartridge rom sets include every game playable by english speakers regardless of region without duplicates. If english playable roms exist in multiple regions deduplication is done with preference to USA first, EU second and JP third.

Not sure about that one. I do know that Neon64 (8bit NES Emu) can be run on the old N64 flashkits/drive so you could use it on real hardware. Dunno if this or that would work on an everdrive tho.

I'm guessing not because there is nowhere for you to store the rom files for MAME or in this case NES that the emulator could find them. In the case of something like the v64jr (which Neon64 does work on) you had the emulator rom sitting right next to the game rom files like running an emulator on a PC. An everdrive replicates a true game cart - which has no disk/flash/cd storage capability (aside from SRAM of course but that's different).

I think you may get the emulator to run, but you will never get it to see game roms for MAME/NES/etc. to actually use it...

The "Complete English Playable" collection of N64 Roms weighs in at 3.59GB for 333 files in .7z format. Not sure what the uncompressed size is.

When I say "Complete English Playable" I am talking all USA releases and then additional (non-duplicate) European titles as well as Japanese titles not already included that are playable by people who only speak/read english. Also relevant prototypes that never had a full release. No hacks/mods tho...

Not to burst your bubble but since every everdrive you plan to buy is full size SD I recommend you consider getting a reader that accepts both sizes or at least full size SD. Pulling the microSD card out of the SD adapter over and over can increase risk of damage/failure. The full size SD adapter is far less fragile.

For example:

This one can read both full size cards on one side and the micro card itself on the other side as well as a few others.

I'm sorry... I think I miss-read... only SOME everdrives take micro sd cards.

out of the the follow, which take Micro, and which standard?




this is only for purposes of whether I will need a multi memory card reader, or just 1 micro reader

thanks again!

All three of those need full size SD cards or a microSD card with an SD adapter (which is what I use).

This is assuming for super nintendo you meant the super everdrive not SD2SNES which I'm not sure about...

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