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I moved this to the proper sub-forum.

I can't answer for sure what the USB port holds for now, so hopefully ikari_01 can chime in. I left mine in and just accommodated for it with my shell.

If you really want it off, you should really solder it off. Its an SMD, so you should be able to get most of the solder off with just a desoldering braid and some patience. The reason I'd recommend desoldering it as opposed to dremeling it off is that you'd still be able to re-solder that port back on there if and when it's needed. There should be 4 large ground points and 4 or 5 connection points that needs to be desoldered.

Thanks for the advice, I tried with a desoldering braid last night for about 10 minutes before I gave up.. I guess I was a little rushed knowing I had three carts to dremel.

I guess if we can just get confirmation that desoldering the 4 ground points and the connection points off and removing the port would it be ok and not cause any issues with the board itself.... that would be the best for me so I can decide whether I can get it off. It sits pretty close to the SD slot and it was hard to get to the 2 ground points on the left side without unwantingly heating up the SD slot... so it's a bit of a pain.


Thanks for your help though :)

If you think it's silly to go out of my way to remove the USB --- just say so. Who knows maybe one day I'll want to resell this cart for something newer and if this will bring down the value or something wouldn't be worth it. I just like the top of the cart with a clean look and just the SD Card slot. But I know I seriously will never use the USB port for dev.

Did you get a Super Everdrive or a SD2SNES? The SD2SNES has the USB port whether you want it or not, but the Super Everdrive has it as an option to add it.

looks like I got the SD2SNES  - purchased from retrogate. I didn't know the USB port would need to be accommodated for in the shell.. I thought well wouldn't hurt to have it. But now I prefer it not be there. Can I just carefully dremel it off the board without effecting the function of the board itself? There are two tiny pins that look like they might be holding it to the board from the other side, I was going to pin-dremel through it then try popping it off.

I also noticed out of the SD2SNES, N8 and N64 boards.. the N64 board appears to be the only board that doesn't have a spring action (for lack of better words) for the SD card slot. The SD card just slides in and sits, but has to be sort of yanked out, you can't press it and have it spring out. Is that right?

Thanks for the help!

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / QUESTION: Removal of USB port on SNES Everdrive
« on: April 17, 2014, 05:58 AM »
Hey guys,

I'm dremmeling my carts for my SNES, N64 and NES everdrive boards....

I noticed the SNES board comes with a USB port... which is for development. I don't develop so I don't want to cut an extra slot in my cart to accommodate it.

My question is... and if anyone is educated in the matter please respond, if I just drememel off the USB port (I tried heating up the solder in the corners of it but it looks like it's somehow attached to it in another way) will it cause any issues with the board itself? OR is it safe to just remove off the board in one way or another?

Thanks so much for your time!

OK, cool. I think you would do fine with either a NES or a Sega Genesis/MD. Personally I'd do the Genesis because it would be different, look cool in black and the front controller port locations would be great for two paired USB ports (4 total)

Thank you :)

Thanks Kerr... yeah the idea would be able to play the whole mame catalog, so I'll be drifting away from using N64 as the way to do that.

esmith - yeah I'm thinking I could use one of those mini ITX PC's along with a set of USB arcade sticks, like Hori, or some other universal PC style arcade stick, so that way it feels more like you're playing an arcade game. The retro console housing will just be for the gaming aesthetic retro look. If I house it in an NES console box, I wouldn't actually use any of the NES peripherals.


Mini ITX or SBC (Single Board Computer). I have a 3.5" SBC (has the same dimensions as a 3.5" harddrive) that has the same hardware as the original x86 Mac Mini: a 1.7GHz CoreDuo with Intel 965GM integrated graphics. They're all just "standard" PCs with a small footprint for custom jobs.

and she can handle MAME without any issues? I can def see this being an awesome project with some custom matching USB arcade sticks.

Does the SBC have USB ports?

(looking into it now)

again, you rain upon me the sweet tasting thoughts of brilliance. Thank you esmith.

So, to clarify, a "mini ITX pc" can handle MAME roms? even high demanding ones like Street fighter?  (any specific RAM/Graphics card requirements?)
And to play these games, I could use a USB controller like this:

and I should be good to go?

going to do more research on the mini ITX, thank you for this idea :) If I could get the NES door to open up to reveal USB Ports for the controllers... that would be sweeeeet

Thanks guys for your responses.

So in conclusion... MAME roms should be basically continued to be emulated via a PC or Mac OS running MAME..

would have been magnificent if it were possible to run Mame through Everdrive 64... MAGNIFICENT I tell you. It would have turned my N64 into my favorite system :O

I'll have to continue to wonder what my answer for a self contained mini-console-esque system running MAME roms with controllers will be.....

you are like a warm fountain of knowledge. I just want to bathe in your glorious randomly accessible thoughts.

If you can pitch in on my thread in the N64 section, would appreciate it :)

take a gander! Thanks brother

My apologies for my lack of knowledge as I'm still waiting on my EDN64 cart to arrive in the mail.

But I was excited to see that there is an MAME App on the list of N64 downloadable applications at theoldcomputer (take a look here:

So with this revelation, I'm wondering is it possible to boot MAME via this app on a EDN64 Cart, have the MAME directory point to a folder of compatible MAME games within the onboard Cart SD Card, and thus be able to play MAME/Arcade games?

Please anyone with any experience in this area, or predictions etc, it would be extremely valuable to me :)

kind regards


I just got them all their own cards because they're so cheap, especially the smaller sized ones that'll work fine for NES and SNES. And between the different mods and the full library, I filled up the 32GB card a good chunk for the N64 games. Not all the way, but I like knowing there's space in case the N64 hacking community explodes in the coming years.

that would be AMAZING... well looking here I can see most if not all of my N64 games that I'd want are all here -

and the entire complete list is under 4GB, tack on another 4GB for save game date for safe measure, I'm still half way through a 16GB card. Just wondering where somebody was saying there's a good 20GB in games alone? Are these like unreleased japanese games or something? Don't see that many games out there!

since I'm all about visual stimulation (I'm a graphic designer btw)

these multi card readers look pretty awesome!

Not to burst your bubble but since every everdrive you plan to buy is full size SD I recommend you consider getting a reader that accepts both sizes or at least full size SD. Pulling the microSD card out of the SD adapter over and over can increase risk of damage/failure. The full size SD adapter is far less fragile.

For example:

This one can read both full size cards on one side and the micro card itself on the other side as well as a few others.

excellent advice. You sir are a champion among nerf herders.

much appreciated.

cool, and looking at the three at stoneagedgamer.. looks like they all support SDHC.

I think I'm good now! three 32gb C10 SDHC cards with adapters, and 1 Micro Reader :)

this micro reader seems pretty cool, vintage gaming looking almost! and a whopping 1 dollar lol

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