Author Topic: Solid gold connectors on new runs of older Everdrive models?  (Read 1612 times)

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So as of recently, newer Everdrive models such as the GBA X5 mini have been marketed with having solid gold connectors instead of the old ENIG, and apparently the N8 Pro had ENIG on the first run, but the current run has solid gold. But what about older models, for instance if buying a 64 X7 today (which is really not an old product at all) or even the GB line, will those come with solid gold connectors? Or do we have to wait for even newer models of those with a specific mention alongside it? If the latter is the case it would be good if this aspect was always mentioned on the product page for clarity.

Reasons I care about this aren't just theoretical btw, when I look at the connector of my GBA X5 that I've had since launch and compare it to actual GBA carts from back in the day, it looks much worse than those already, and it hasn't even been cycled that frequently at all. The gold layer has been visibly scraped off a bit already and then there's the fact that a different cart is needed for GB support, meaning more cycles can be expected by default...

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Re: Solid gold connectors on new runs of older Everdrive models?
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2020, 11:09 PM »
For all carts new batches of boards we order with hard gold, so sooner or later they all will be with hard gold. ED64 x7 already with hard gold