Author Topic: Which One Is Better, The SuperEverdrive V2/SD2SNES Or The Retrofreak Premium?  (Read 2485 times)

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I was Searching the internet and came across a retrofreak 12-in 1 console, which apparently plays (or emulate) 12 different consoles, it can even play roms if i'm right and u can use savestates.

Here's a Video Link:

Here are the specs:

Compatible cartridges:

Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC/PAL)
Famicom (Japanese version NES)
Super Famicom (Japanese version SNES)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC/PAL)
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Mega Drive (NTSC/PAL) *
Genesis (US version Mega Drive) *
PC Engine (Japanese version TurboGrafx-16)
PC Engine SuperGrafix
* Sega Master System is available while using Power Base Converter.

Other features and functions:

Change System Language (Japanese/English/Traditional Chinese/French/German/Polish)
Gameplay Screenshot (PNG/JPG)
View Screenshots
Overclock (fast forward or slow a game)
Display Scanlines
Display Overscan
Change refresh rate
Change screen size
Display original aspect ratio
Force RGB full range output
Auto-load a game from its last state
Display Retro Freak instructions
Reduce audio latency
Change the region of the game system (Japan, NA, EU)
Storage management
File manager
Patches for PC Emulator*
Compatible to homebrew games*
[FC] Microphone input available through shortcut key
[PCE] 6 button pad mode on/off
[GB/GBC] Change the hardware type (GB/GBC/SGB)
[GB/GBC] Change the color palette 
[GBC] Picture frame on/off
[SMS/MKIII] FM audio on/off
*To use these features, separately sold microSD is required

Customize the game environment the way you like with varieties of settings such as Display Filter and Sound Enhancement.

Does this makes the Super Everdrive or SD2SNES unnecessary? And if u play roms, which one has better compatibility the Super Everdrive V2/SD2SNES or the retrofreak?


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Retrofreak is android emulator with usb game cart reader on top

its can run games from sd.

as everybody knows flash carts do not work on emulator
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