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Joyzz / Re: Future Wireless Controllers?
« on: July 24, 2018, 02:54 AM »
At the moment i have plans to make snes and nes controllers


Krikzz, are there any differences in input lag/latency between your Joyzz and the 8bitdo offerings?

Mega EverDrive / Re: Reset to main menu w/ 32X and MS functionality
« on: February 26, 2018, 12:40 AM »
You can reset to menu when playing 32x Games, using the reset button you can.

When playing Master System games without a 32x connected, the reset button returns to the menu too.
The mod to run Master System games don't work reliably. The Master system game will only run in a couple model 2 genesis and fails on all model 1 consoles. Some games don't load or have graphical glitches.

Whoops- I meant reset from the controller to go back to the main menu. Not "the reset button doesn't work". I edited my verbiage a bit.

And as you mentioned, I read that it only works on the Model 2-- but wanted to post the possibilities in case someone smarter than me is up for investigating this mod with other versions.

Mega EverDrive / Reset to main menu w/ 32X and MS functionality
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:28 AM »
As some of you probably know:

- With the 32X plugged in, you cannot play Master System games.
- You cannot reset to the main menu (via the controller) when playing 32x or master system games

There are fixes for this:

1. It's possible to mod your 32X to accept Master System games:


2. Mod your Genesis with an IGR (reset with a button combination). This will bring you back to the main menu of the everdrive with the 32X attached.

With these two mods, you should be able to play all genesis, 32x, and master system games from your everdrive-- while also being able to reset back to the main menu with the controller.

EverDrive 64 / Re: How do I get started with the ED64 ?
« on: August 25, 2017, 12:07 PM »
Google Smokemonster rom set. You'll need a big SD card, and the ED64 works with a 64 GB sd card, although it "officially" supports 32 GB. You'll need to format it to FAT32. This is the one I use

Thank you, Krikzz. It would be an awesome addition. Any plans for the N64 too?

Technically it possible. I thinking about implementation of this feature.

Thanks, but I'm using scart through a PVM. Either way, it's currently gonna be a lotta money to spend to be able to reset from the controller.

I've been told that the N8 isn't powerful enough to do IGR, but that's not from the horse's mouth.. so who knows.

A question I've been asking for quite some time as well....

I don't think the N8 has the necessary logic to do this (under-powered).

There is a hardware modification that I purchased but haven't installed-- it's created by the genius borti-- called the IGR NES I/O. It works with a NESRGB board, and enables you to reset the console with a button combo, as well as change the palette with a different combo. But, we're talking about a lot of money after you buy the boards and get it modded... but if you're interested send me a PM, I have some more info for you.

Can someone please explain to me the difference between the OOT Uncensored vs OOT Gamecube edition downloads? Why is one preferable to the other? Thanks!

EverDrive 64 / Re: Soft Reset Loaded Game Question
« on: March 31, 2017, 07:41 AM »
Krikkz, any update regarding this??

Off Topic / Soft modding a Wii
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:22 AM »
Hey guys, anyone have some current info on soft modding a NTSC wii for use with an external hard drive?  Thanks!

I'd say for about 20% of the games the button combo doesn't reset to the main menu (it does nothing at all). Anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix for it?

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Feature requests
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:16 AM »
Okay I'll have everyone stop production on this idea Dave.  8)
I can't tell if you're joking. All I'm saying is that I don't personally think it would be possible how ever I would be more than happy for someone to prove me wrong. Having cover support on the SD2SNES would be pretty amazing. I'm just being realistic is all.

Agreed. Imagine also one day having an lcd screen on the front of the flashcart that changed to the title you are currently playing? That would be sick.
But yes I agree- cover art and a little blurb about the game would be amazing. Almost Wikipedia style.

Does the GameCube version on the everdrive have better graphics or audio?

There's nothing to do about it on the Everdrive side; you'd need to mod your 32X.

What kind of mod?

Since the 32X is such a pain in the ass to plug in, and un-plug (I have a ton of wires for RGB setup), I just leave my 32X plugged in at all times. Except- by doing this, it disables the ability to play Master System games through the Mega Everdrive. Krikkz, is there a way that you can find a workaround for this? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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