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Super EverDrive / Mega Man X Cheat Issues
« on: February 05, 2017, 06:03 PM »
I've been looking all over the internet regarding this issue I am having (either both cart or ROM) and can't find anyone discussing the same issue, so I come here.

I loaded up some codes for Mega Man X before playing. Codes I entered were infinite lives, infinite energy, one shot kills, always powered up, never lose special weapons once obtained. I began the game play with the Intro stage. When I got to the Armored Soldier that drops from the carrier I couldn't understand why I couldn't defeat him (mind you I haven't played this game in over 20 years and never use game genie codes with it back then). I watched video game play and found that the Armored Soldier needs to nearly defeat Mega Man to progress, which couldn't occur if I had infinite energy.

I tried to figure out how people with the physical game and physical game genie got around this and found the physical game genie had an on/off button where you could turn the effects on and off during game play. I then found a video of someone playing it this method and, upon reaching the carrier, he pauses the game and then un-pauses and begins taking damage. Here is where I am certain he is switching the button off on the game genie.

Clearly cannot do that in the case of the ROM on the Super Everdrive. So, I had to restart the SNES and clear the codes and start over. This time I omitted the infinite energy code and instead replaced it with codes where picking up both small and large energy tanks will refill all your energy. Now, when I get to the Armored Soldier and I let him nearly defeat me, Zero is supposed to show up with an assist. What eventually happens is I am left crouched on the ground with nothing else on screen, music playing indefinitely. I cannot move. Mega Man never gets up. The scene never plays off. I can pause and un-pause and that is it. All actions are suspended.

The fact that I cannot find any discussions anywhere about any of the above lead me to believe that either A) I have a bad ROM or B) I am using bad codes that cause these game issues. Does anyone know anything about this?

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