Author Topic: Way to use authentic Pokemon G/S/C cart with dead battery with Pokemon Stadium 2  (Read 212 times)

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So, a bit of an oddly specific edge case, but wanted to see if there's something obvious I'm missing on the control flow I'm attempting to go with.

For context:
- I have a Pokemon Silver save that I got from my 3DS VC Silver run.
- I'm injecting it via GB64 to a Pokemon Silver cartridge that has a dead battery
- After injecting the save, I do not power off the N64, but reset and go into Pokemon Stadium 2. By doing so, power is never lapsing on the cart, thus the save is still intact
- I load Pokemon Stadium 2 and can see my save file (Trainer name + ID).
- I load up the Cups, and attempt to register a Pokemon. Once I select my cartridge, I end up with a notice that "my Game pak is not inserted correctly" and the system errors out. I presume this has to do with some sort of failure in the RTC or something else due to a lack of dead battery.

Has any subset of this been explored before? I'm assuming not, but would like some perspective.

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The transfer pak isn't going to provide constant power to your gameboy cart to hold the save, so there's no data present to be read.

You're going to have to solder on a new battery or battery holder for this to work.
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