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I was able to try another n8 and it's fine. My Stone Age one is defective. A

I just got my n8 and am super bummed that every game is glitched up. I followed the beginner FAQ and have the right files, card is formatted right, etc. I get a few colored screens and the the n8 interface which is fine, all my files are there and no glitches. In the games however the sprites (usually characters) are all messed up.

I tried the original nes adapter first, then a 9v 1a adapter I found in the house which is almost brand new.

Could both of these power supplies be problematic? If not, is my NES internals bad, the everdrive or the SD card at fault?

The SD card is a class 4, does that matter?

I guess I will add the same NES plays real carts fine. I have also now tried 3 different SD cards with the same results.

Edit: I've now tried 3 power supplies.

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