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Mega EverDrive / Mega EverDrive PRO themes
« on: November 04, 2020, 05:15 PM »
Themes creation tool:

Here is pretty cool themes pack from Arcade-tv:

If you have some own themes please share them in this topic (;

EverDrive N8 / EverDrive-N8 PRO bug reports.
« on: January 04, 2020, 11:02 PM »
This topic is for reports about glitched or not working games. Please follow rules listed below to give me chance fix problems faster.

1. detailed problem description and condition for reproducing. I should clearly understand how reproduce problem and what i looking for
2. include screenshot or video showing the problem
3. PM me link to ROM download in case if this is some hack/patched ROM or if it exotic ROM which is not included in no-intro set.
4. if problem not appears at begin of the game, but require pass few levels first, then please share save state file from the point near to the problem
5. describe your setup. OS version and console type.
6. make sure that ROM is not corrupted. GoodSet contains lot of bad roms, all those marked as [b1], [o1] and so on. At least check it on emulator.
7. make sure that problem not related to ROM region. PAL games may not work properly with NTSC systems. Also not all games working with Dendy-like clones.

Please don't post in this topic if your problem not related to certain game bugs (you can't boot your cartridge for example or some other global problems).

News / EverDrive N8 PRO has been released!
« on: November 28, 2019, 01:05 AM »
Cyclone IV FPGA.
16MB of ROM memory. 8MB for PRG and  8MB for CHR.
256K of battery ram for saves.
Real time clock for logging date and time of saves.
High quality 6-layers PCB.
ARM based 32bit I/O co-processor for SD and USB operations acceleration.
Up to 1024 files per folder, or unlimited if file sorting disabled.
Wide support of file systems: FAT16/FAT32/EXFAT.
In-game menu. You can save game or return to system menu without physical reset.
Multi slot save states. 100 independent slots for save states.
Instant ROM loading.
USB port for development and system update without removing SD card.
Improved audio mixing circuit with op amp.
Dedicated button, which is used for swap FDS disk side or as alternate method to call Save State menu.
Built-in NSF player with expansion chips support (VRC6, VRC7, Sunsoft-5b, Namco-163).
Battery voltage monitoring. Battery can be replaced in time if it going dry.
Ultra low battery ram consumption. Estimated battery life 25 years.
Wide range of supported mappers.
NES2.0 partial support.
Game Genie cheats support.

At the moment only Famicom version, NES version will come out bit later, in 2 months approx

It now more than year after article were released but people stil asking me again and againd about this stuff, people still belive that flashcarts can burn their consoles. I seriously tired justify oneself, so i decide to make this topic and then just point here all who ask about this article.
First of all i would say that almost all modern everdrives used voltage trnslators from 5v to 3.3v bus, the only carts which still use direct connection between 5v and 3.3v is mega-x7(partially), everdrive-gg and flaskit. So, modern everdrives does not have have any risks, even if db-electronics would right.
Now i would like to say few words about Rene's article: It based on incorrect data and it makes most of his statments is false.

1. Rene used in his calculations 4 times less ratings than they actually are. He says: Typical CMOS ratings are ± 5.2mA. According to his own calculations IO loads on old everdrives around 7mA. But JEDEC specification cleary says that IO current limit for CMOS devices is 20mA and not 5.2, as Rene says. So, actually we do not out of specs, it means that whole article on Rene's blog lost the sense. When i point Rene on this facts, he just say nothing in reply.

2. Altera designed IO clamp diodes on some of their devices for interfacing with old 5V PCI bus, so according to Rene Altera's enginers an idiots who designed feature which burn motherboard chipset, right? For devices in industrial scale,  which sold in millions units it means huge amount of  burned systems. But Rene probably knows something special what does not know anybody else

3. And now is example of outright lie from Rene: He claim that some everdrive does not have ground pour, and as exemple he shows mega-x5, but mega-x5 actually has solid pour on back side, and most of recent everdrives use 4-layers pcb with dedicated layers for power and ground. But when i pointed Rene on this facts, he just ignored me, he did not fixed his article, he knows that it is not true but leave all as is.

This all make me think that it was done deliberately, may be for hype, may be he is kind of everdrive hater, i don't know...

Also i suggest to look this small video with alternate vision:

Mega-X5 which actually has ground plane:

Rene Ignores my argument, he say nothing in response

News / EDN8 OS v20-BETA. Large update incoming
« on: May 12, 2018, 03:28 AM »
New OS v20 contains a lot of new mappers, improvements and fixes, this is probably biggest update for N8. Woks over new release almost complete and i decide to publish beta build for tests.
changes list:

1. Now save states supported by all mappers.
2. New MMC5. Mapper was fully rewrited  and now it can play all MMC5 games
3. New FDS audio core
4. Audio core for Sunsof5 mapper by Necronomfive
5. Audio core for VRC7 mapper by Necronomfive
6. Specific games databese update. Now works few more games which require specific settings
7. Minor update from MMC3
8. New mappers support: 27, 50, 106, 108, 142, 144, 145, 149, 156, 165, 171, 175, 176, 183, 213, 216, 222, 252, 37, 45, 49, 51, 52, 105, 177, 197, 214, 228, 229, 244, 249, 250,
9. Bug fixes

1. Fixed Death Race (AGCI) [!] (game assigned to mapper 144)
2. Fixed Romancia (J) (vram bank switching enabled)
3. MMC5 sound returned
4. long reset function fixed
5. VRC6 aufio fix (thanks to Slamy)
6. FDS autoswap blocking function. Hold select to prevent disk swap (until select pressed) This mostly for test fds sound in zelda intro.
7. FDS audio changes.

1. Audio balance option for mappers with expansion audio
2. New mappers: 35, 44, 56, 60, 103, 117, 132, 136, 143, 159, 172, 173, 183, 186, 187, 198, 199, 221, 238, 248
3. Some other minor fixes

1. Another FDS audio update
2. Fixes for Incredible Crash Dummies
3. Fixes for lost audio in mapper 26
4. some other minor fixes
5. FDS autoswap blocking function remaped to 'A' button

1. MMC1 repaired
2. System init changes. Prevents random hangs after reset

1. FDS audio changes.
rc4 same as rc5, but but with minor changes in bus controller. rc4 mostly for Koh1Fds, check if something changes for your case

1. 200% vol option included
2. Minor changes in Acclaim MMC3 clone which seems not affect something anyway

1. MMC3 fix

Download link:
rc4: (recommended for users who observe white artifacts with other versions)

Mappers puzzle almost complete (:

News / MOVED: New Snes game Socks The Cat Rocks The Hill
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:52 PM »

News / Joyzz Availalbe for order!
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:24 AM »
Finally, after years (:


.Wireless controllers for SEGA Genesis/Megadrive. Can be used with master system as well
.Low power consumption. Up to 150 hours of gameplay at one charge
.Power saving mode. Battery discharge time in this mode more than year. If there is no any activity for a few minutes controller switches to power saving mode, after pushing on start or d-pad buttons controller immediately will back to active state.
.Quick response, no input lags. Response time around 2.7ms
.Special compatibility mode with genesis 3-buttons and SMS controllers. Some games does not work properly with 6-buttons controllers, but joyzz offer compatibility mode to solve this problem
.800mAh li-ion battery compatible with Nokia BL-4C series. Such batteries became the standard and they easy to buy and replace in the end of life time
.Charging via micro-usb port

Special functions:

1. Force power saving mode: Hold MODE+A+X and then click START

2. Exit from power saving mode: START or any key on D-PAD

3. 3-buttons controller mode: Hold for 3 sec. MODE+START+C. Required for some games which not compatible with 6-buttons controllers. Golden Axe II, for example

4. SMS controller mode:  Hold for 3 sec. MODE+START+B. Required for some SMS games which is not compatible with genesis controllers.

5. Switch controller to normal 6-buttons mode:  MODE+START+Z

6. Sync controller with receiver: Hold sync button on receiver for 4 sec until led on receiver will start blinking. Hold MODE+X+Y+Z until led went out.

All compatibility modes (combo 3 and 4) will resets to default after power cycle on receiver

Receiver indication:

1. Constant led shining: Controller is not connected.

2. Led turned off: Controller connected

3. Slow light pulsation: Low battery level

EverDrive N8 / FDS audio samples
« on: April 02, 2018, 04:09 PM »
1. Is there anyone who could make reference records of sound from real FDS? At the moment i working over large update for N8 and i hope that FDS sound finally will be fixed.
2. Also i wonder if some emulators has good enough sound emulation?

News / Master EverDrive X7 avaialble for order!
« on: February 27, 2018, 03:48 PM »

Max ROM size: 4MByte
Max SAVE RAM size: 32KByte
Save States function and In-Game menu function
Instant loading
SMS and SG-1000 games are supported
Low power consumption
High quality 4-layers PCB
Soft reset to menu
SDHC/SDXC support
OS supports up to 1000 files per folder

EverDrive GBA / MOVED: Selling my EverDrive x5
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:37 AM »

News / MEGAOS-V3.06-RC1. eeprom support! (test build)
« on: November 16, 2017, 03:33 AM »
This release include full support for all games with eeprom saves.

supported eeprom chips: X24C01, 24C02, 24C08, 24C16, 24C64

list of games required eeprom saves:
Megaman - The Wily Wars
Rockman Mega World
Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament
Micro Machines Military
Micro Machines Turbo Tournament 96
Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II
NFL Quarterback Club
NFL Quarterback Club 96
College Slam
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
NHLPA Hockey 93
Rings of Power
Evander 'Real Deal' Holyfield's Boxing
Greatest Heavyweights of the Ring
Wonder Boy in Monster World
Wonder Boy V - Monster World III
Sports Talk Baseball
Brian Lara Cricket 96
Shane Warne Cricket

Important notice:
1. All eeprom games required to be reset before than power will be turned off, otherwise progress will be lost. (just like on mega x3 or mega v1)
2. eeprom saves will work only with mega-ed x7/v2. Due the technical reasons it can not be implemented for x3/x5

Link to the file:

News / MEGAOS-V3.05-RC2 (test build)
« on: November 05, 2017, 02:09 AM »
Here is new MEGA-OS build for testing. This update has lot of changes and here is the list:
1)Fixed YM2413. Latest update from Necronomfive
2)Changed controllers detection code
3)Fixed possible micro freeze when exit from Options menu.
4)File sorting option. Folders with more than 256 files will not be sorted
5)New ToolBox menu. Contains "Game RAM to SD", "SD to Game RAM" and "Reset to Default" functions. Alos some functions were moved from main menu to ToolBox
6)"Game RAM to SD" and "SD to Game RAM" functions allows to copy current SRAM content to/from SD card. OS runs this functions automaticaly every time when user select new game, but now they availalbe for manual control also. For example, you can run "Game RAM to SD" manually if you afraid that battery will dry and you will lost progress from last selected game. This functions is inactive on mega-ed-x3, because this cart does not have battery ram.
7)"Reset to Default" allow to drop all settings to factory defaults
8 ) Improved cheats interface. Now you can set cheats settings right from file menu, even without game selection. Also system will remember on/off state for each code and will not turn on them all every time when user select the game. Cheats interface is bit more handy now.
(!)This OS version will resets setting to default, so, backup your saves from last played game before update

Download link:

News / MEGA-ED OS v3.04
« on: August 12, 2017, 02:21 PM »
MEGAOS-V3.04 12.08.2017
1)YM2413 core by Necronomfive (Exclusively for X7)
2)Master system BIOS loading function (Exclusively for X7)

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