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Re: Code requests here...
« Reply #30 on: August 13, 2015, 05:22 PM »
Last news (I hope isn't Off Topic):
I received today Pro Action Replay 2 (that support FX games): but it DON'T WORK with Super Mario RPG (SA1 chip).
PAR2 hangs pressing start after inserting codes.
So, no cheat possible in this way. I hope this can help to save money someone...

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Re: Code requests here...
« Reply #32 on: August 14, 2015, 01:42 PM »
I solved: I get program "Lazyshell" and modified my italian translated rom, so I can start with 99 Health points and experience level 30.
I flashed it in my modified cart, of course.
I can't do infinite health because these values are in Wram and not in Rom. However, best of nothing is!

One last thing about SMRPG and CIC/Country protection: Japan cart that I modified with translated USA rom works ONLY on Super Famicom! I tried on American Super NES, but don't start.
On thing again: PAR2 don't start too with Kirby's Dream Land and others SA1-Roms, so isn't a rom code protection problem, but a problem with SA-1 architecture. I opened PAR2 and discovered that added external pins (respect PAR), only 1 is connected. So, perhaps, it is possible some hardware fix to allow PAR2 to start with SA-1 games....

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Re: Code requests here...
« Reply #33 on: November 03, 2015, 08:56 AM »
Would another keep lives when falling down holes code help? That wouldn't be hard to make.
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Re: Code requests here...
« Reply #34 on: May 11, 2017, 04:32 AM »
I'm using Super Everdrive v2 on original SNES NTSC console and playing Super Metroid. I wanted to use the game genie feature but the Master Code FA68-4760 + DD6A-C7DF does not seem to work. Has anyone been able to get this working? The ROM I'm using is the Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc. I've tried others but they don't work either. Game Genie codes that don't require the Master Code work fine. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Code requests here...
« Reply #35 on: September 03, 2020, 02:38 AM »
Super Castlevania IV Prototype (Otherwise known as Akumajou Dracula Prototype)

Changes the eliminate all enemies item drop into having the same properties as the vail of valour giving Simon invincibility


1 hit kills except for bosses that require 3 hits to kill


Note: The single code above is a bit buggy it seems midway into Stage 3's rock cavern one of the elements in the stage seem to unregister with Simons morning star hitbox after that happens the whip is unusable and you can only use in game weapons until you manage to reach Stage 4 though as it has no cutscene map segment it's likely as far as this will get you for now unless you use a password in the options but even then it randomly will stop working midway into the game... still it's a fun way to experience a quarter of the game before you try and attempt it the hard way.

So if you prefer to progress further don't rely on the 1 hit kill code and instead try and use the vail of valour from collecting the eliminate everything from the screen item drop codes, keep in mind however it wears off when you reach the next floor or when the screen changes. Maybe someone knows how to manipulate this benefit so that it stays till the end of the stage?

Also the 1hit kills though may sound too cheap but infact will actually remove the need to button mash 15hits on a Rock Golem and will also remove the increased CPU boss battles that were originally intended to be almost impossible as it was a EXPO showcase game so your mileage may vary depending on which you prefer to use.  And once again if anyone wants to build upon this code and enhance it... feel free too ^^

Edit: Just realized it has something to do with the amount of times your morning star connects with the candles that give item drops, did a trial run through Stage 3 and hit everything and sometimes can make it out to Stage 3' before the weapon becomes unresponsive or maybe before, its usually best to stand on the bridge and let it drop you into a non killable pit and then press the jump button to start again then try and not grab any of the candle items except using the standard whip to beat the enemies and get across the pullys then if you manage to not attack the candles in Stage 3'' you may be able to progress but at this time the game likely will not register with your attacks of your whip.

Another try on a password stage gives the same result but becomes unresponsive when you reach the boss without getting any items so yeah its a bit off but does work for what its worth.

Edit 2: These passwords require a total death count causing a continue screen to appear after every 3 levels cleared, this is due to the fact the collision of Simons morning star will stop connecting after 3 stages are cleared and will happen midway into the 3' Stage, doing so by inputting the password given means your weapon will still function until the next 3 levels are cleared they are as follows...

Stage 1 = Whip Works

Stage 2 = Whip Works

Stage 3 = Whip Works until Stage 3' needs a restart with a password if you want to clear this level with the 1 hit kill code

Stage 4 = Whip Works until Stage 4' just after the Skull Boss neds a restart with a password if you want to clear this level with the code

Stage 5 = Same as before the game ends as soon as you enter the mansion entrance however you can input a password to do the next

Later Stages = Seems due to inactivity of anything to beat and collect makes this code unusable but then again as their is no enemies you likely don't need a 1 hit kill code as the whip becomes unresponsive against the bosses likely due to the death can't causing it to lock up.

Speaking of which the Vial of Valor code is a great substitute for those who are sensitive to bright flashes, it doesn't remove all instances such as the Skeleton 1st boss still flashes as its bones reform as does the Mode 7 giant who likely isn't worth using the 1 hit kill code on as it just makes the whole screen stay bright as its health bar depletes fast.

Final Confirmation: Both codes work fine with the prototype however you'll likely need to input passwords after Stage 2 when you reach Stage 3 as the code has a habit of not responding to the Whip hit box midway also it's only needed for the boss battles its a shame the Vial of Valor was placed in such weird places that really only protected you for hardly anything that came at you, I think it becomes useful in the mode 7 rotaing barrel segment where the game throws too many skull enemies on a dizzying cylinder to get past that part.

Passwords for all levels can be found in this youtube video link -
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