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The problem is i live in PAL region and have the european power connector. So i have to settle with the PAL console. The 50hz/60hz switch costs here 70eur for snes, for genesis/megadrive its even 120 together with the mega cd.

Thanks this is a lot of help! So its (in some way) similar to the Mega Everdrive that is superior to the normal Everdrive MD v3 right? So with a Mega Everdrive & SD2SNES you get the best ther eis at the moment for 16bit. And i guess for N64 its maybe best to wait for the already announced ED64v3.

Because I only have PAL consoles i still need a hardware mod to play the US games with 60hz i guess, right?

Off Topic / Re: How does Everdrive "exactly" work?
« on: May 31, 2014, 09:25 PM »
Thanks, thats great! so it uses the real hardware if that's correct.
But i still would need a hardware MOD to switch between 50hz/60hz right? damn this will really become expensive :)

Super EverDrive / Resolution / Aspect Ration on Super Everdrive
« on: May 31, 2014, 07:19 PM »
i just saw the introduction video on the Super Everdrive on the Products page.

And there the games run on a 16:9 flat TV. Are those "stretched"? Or zoomed in with cropped space?
Just wanna know if that's something i setup on the Everdrive settings or if i can handle this on my TV.
to have a most "original" experience as possible.

Off Topic / How does Everdrive "exactly" work?
« on: May 31, 2014, 07:09 PM »
this really is on my mind since i first read the Everdrive is region-free and the menu looks just like a emulator.

So what is it exactly? Does the module run a "emulator" that just used the Video output of the console and the controllers?
Or does the console itself do the work, so that the Everdrive makes use of the native hardware of the console.
For example if you have a "Expansion Pack" on your N64 or not, would it make a difference.

Same thing with the fact that its Region Free. So is it a emulator that i setup to use 60hz on NTSC roms and 50hz on a PAL roms? The console itself never had a support for that. Or would NTSC games just run with 50hz on my PAL console.
If it really runs NTSC games with 60hz and PAL games with 50hz, the console itself was never capable of that, will that work?

I know a place that can mod a n64, snes, megadrive etc. to switch between 50hz/60hz output torun all agmes like they should, do i need this to make NTSC games in full speedd? Or is that only for "real" games?

Thanks for answering this, this was really a long time already on my mind.

sorry to ask maybe a stupid question, but i cant find the SD2SNES on the "product" page.

So why would i need the SD2SNES version compared to the Super Everdrive v2 (maybe someone can explain the difference to v1 to). I read on the web the SD2SNES can also play games that need a special chip, but what does that mean?
Like the FX chip? so i cant run roms that use the FX chip on the normal Super Everdrive v2?
Or is this mor elike a homebrew thing with custom hack roms?

Thanks for explaining in advance!

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