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Super EverDrive / Re: Self Test Error 4 in the ram section
« on: August 17, 2021, 02:49 AM »
Have you been using it for a couple of years if so try and check out what files the device has made SRAM files of over the period of it's usage, getting rid of some duplicate files it creates may rectify and correct this issue.

EverDrive GB / Re: Cheats not working on Everdrive w/ OS v4
« on: August 17, 2021, 02:46 AM »
You are probably better off just using Game Genie Guy and manually patching the roms with sites such as Gamehacking to get around this problem, its more reliable to get cheats to work on everdrives than using the preloaded trainers they are meant to have.

It should be said that yanking the cart when power is still on isn't considered safe on the SNES or Gameboy.

And it's border not boarder.

Their is no energy or voltage that comes from the Gameboy part of the SNES when a cart is taken out, no discharge either as the power output is that of a Gameboy device it's not the same as trying to take out a power supply of the SNES while it's on or taking out a plug of a live electrical adaptor while the switch is left on.

The Everdrive GB series is able to flawlessly load the entire library of games which support Super Game Boy enhancements which contained a pre-loaded boarder and pallet set, plus the standard non boarder games that had enhancements of the original Game Boy series line which you may remember in your Nintendo Power Official Super Game Boy book that was provided with every display box which was sold back then.

While no official way to obtain every boarder of these enhanced games that contained them is possible back then was due to the dozens of variants of them which either are now almost impossible to find or too over priced, the flash cart by Krikzz of the Everdrive GB line runs the games exactually the same way as the physical game if it was loaded onto the Super Game Boy itself, by inserting the Everdrive into the Super Gameboy it ends up allowing these games to simultaneously take advantage of the Super Game Boy hardware.

Since this custom pallet set for each game was planned by the developers, games that were able to run those pallet sets disabled some Super Game Boy menu features when running on the real hardware, which mainly would lock things like editing the enhanced colour games pallets.

This method that requires a default Super Nintendo Control Deck along with a Super Gameboy and a Everdrive GB, allows all boarders from those games alone combined with their unique pallet sets to be compatible with all non SGB enhanced games, it also re-enables the disabled menu feature, that the Super Gameboy locked originally when certain games wouldn't let you change pallets.

To get this to work their is no modifications needed as you likely own quite a few variants of the Everdrive GB line when you decided to upgrade to the next X series or further beyond so any series of Krikzz Everdrive GB line all should work on it.

Note: It's recommended you wait until after your Everdrive GB series cart after selecting one of the (SGB Enhanced) labelled games has fully finished loading in SGB mode until the border packets are sent be it either the boarder alone or the menu screen or a screen where the enhanced pallets look more than 1 colour, then take out and reinsert your cart (which is otherwise likely going to be one of your spare carts you decided to leave lying around somewhere never to be used again as you decided to upgrade to the one that contained the RTC or something along those lines) while retaining the power still on your Super Nintendo. That will take you back to the Root Menu with whichever boarder appeared before you did it and will allow you to play any game which doesn't say (SGB Enhanced) on the games label keep in mind this method works differently depending on where you decide to reboot to the Root Menu, and it will give essentially the same result of what the game before loaded up with the custom pallets usable as well.

Note 2: This method isn't possible with the firmware of the SD2SNES/FXPAK as it needs a game to be loaded off Everdrive GB series which needs to run on the actual Super Game Boy hardware to work.

Hey guys!! I found the firmware 0.1.7b runs all the MSU-1 Games, but not the newst versions!
Do you know what changed? It's really weird!

Likely as the developers got more self aware of knock offs running the SD2SNES too well, I never really thought of trying the MSU-1 feature on my ebay 2nd hand knock off SD2SNES and just used it for all roms plus add on parts it was given in data files. And used rarely the official one and easily worked out how the MSU-1 feature worked on games but was put off that the only way to balance the audio in them was turning the booster off... I'd take the classic SNES music and sound effects over ones that go way over the gameplay.

EverDrive GB / Re: GB X5 - RAM & Saving Errors
« on: July 23, 2021, 12:56 AM »
Well then you are wrong. There was a power issue with the Pocket model on earlier Everdrives.
Everdrives didn't exist back then and are very hard to detect. It would just end up blocking normal carts as well.

It's likely 1st rev versions didn't block ROCKET or SACHEN or SYNTAX its weird why they redid them but I am certain years ago when I had a original SGB it played ROCKET games I remember space invasion and Karate Joe working on it with no jail break.

The start up disk was the whole reason why I never invested into the X5 back then for GBA, it had so many complex needs that were too much to handle, the dozens of reusable boarders on the original SGB that could work on any game was what made me choose the latter choice... I still like the GBA X5 these days but it feels so lack luster likely due to the fact my GB player experience was bad.

EverDrive GB / Re: GB X5 - RAM & Saving Errors
« on: July 22, 2021, 01:02 PM »
There's no piracy protection that is able to detect and prevent an Everdrive.
GBPocket is known to have power problems with earlier Everdrives, but I thought the X-series had fixed it. AGS-101 also has a better screen so it may also use too much power for the Everdrive. You may want to try to use better batteries or an AC adapter. And try the Everdrive on any other Gameboy model if possible.

Both the pocket and the AGS-101 just reboot the Nintendo logo and flick off and on again, I don't think the battery consumption issue is the cause its likely whatever the system is using to stop non official carts working kind of like how they put enough time and effort into blocking ROCKET games from working on a SGB in those old GBX magazines. It's just guessing by a ball park but it may be the insides of the 101 were the same as the Nintendo DS due to how it played games, I am sure the GBA regular can play the everdrives of the X series and so did the Gameboy Colours so its hard to tell what mystery hardware the Pocket and 101 had that prevents it.

EverDrive GB / Re: GB X5 - RAM & Saving Errors
« on: July 21, 2021, 11:13 PM »
Trying to run a GB X series on a Gameboy Pocket is like trying to run it on a GBA SP AGS-101 device as Nintendo found a way around certain devices running on hardware they barred them off from being accessible, they can still run on a stand alone Gameboy original or a GBA SP AGS 001 as they were not advanced enough to prevent the cart from running on them. I am not sure what insides the GB Pocket used to play games but it's got a far different power supply than a normal GB itself. As for the AGS 001 the original screen and device was the same as a GBA but the SP with the 101 was heavily based off something different making the X series not run on it.

L+R+Select+X   Reset to sd2snes menu

Wow I guessed right, guess the memory of how its done in button configuration is still within me xD

Bonus question: I went through all the menus but could not find any way to reset back to the menu. I am able to reset the *game* by pressing Start + Select + L + R at the same time, but I can't get back to the actual menu, forcing me to physically reset the console each time I want to switch a game. (Mostly an issue while testing things out, I guess.)

I haven't used my S2DSNES for a while now due to covid and the lack of those who play it with be but wasn't the key config having a X button to reset to the menu of the directory of the SD2SNES... it was so popular I even made it my hackchi for the SNES Mini reset feature to use it though it has been so long since I booted it up I forgot what the reset key was but I don't thing it was L and R together.

Edit: Just guessing was it L, R select and X or something, keep in mind as stated I forgot what the config was these days xD

Looks to me like the only way to keep the save from desyncing the audio when a state was loaded is trying to save a state in a screen where the audio is mute like a title card or a developer presents screen which should do the trick...

Looks to me like the SD card isn't pushed down enough to slot into the Everdrive, I remember running into the same issue when I got a 2nd hand Retrotowers one and had to stick duct tape over it where I didn't even notice the card wasn't slotted down enough as the spring was always pushing it back up and it showed the censored logo on my SGB and I though I broke it of course it was a broken rom.

EverDrive N8 / Re: Can Everdrive use cheat code on FDS?
« on: July 12, 2021, 10:38 PM »
You may better off use the FDS restoration patch that changed Zelda II to the Japanese version based off the (World) rom of the NES game, despite it loosing the change over to disk if that is what it had as well as the enhanced audio changes it's pretty much an identical experience and is worth trying.

EverDrive GBA / Re: REQUEST: Isolated RTC Function for GBA X5
« on: July 11, 2021, 10:59 PM »
I must be the only person who hasn't played a Pokémon mainline game on the everdrives likely as those RTC's are the reason why the battery drains so fast in them, even if the GBA everdrives had that feature don't you think the battery would be taken up much faster than it was before... normal games that don't have the RTC seem to make the device last a bit longer and for me it was already flawless when I saw what it could play ^^

The RTC consumes such a tiny amount of mA (most likely nA, a whole order of magnitude less) that the battery should last a couple of years, plus it is super easy to replace. I have not taken a look what size battery it came with but a CR2016 or CR2025 you get up to 5 years, and with a CR2032 up to ten, depending on the quality. I have never met anyone that has changed the coin cell battery on an everdrive yet.

If you are talking about the GBA’s main battery, then I say the GBA X5 doesnt emulate; it runs the ROM natively once the ROM is loaded into the chip; what is eating your battery life must be another mod, such as the IPS screen if you got one, or if you have a rechargeable LiPo (they have a fraction of mAh capacity from what two AAs hold, 5000 mAh on two Eneloop Pros) But that is off topic from this thread. 😅

It's interesting you mentioned the IP's screens eating up battery life, I do have a physical and a custom AGS-101 but for preserving and better brightness I always used the custom refurbished one.

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