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EverDrive 64 / Question about N64Digital and UltraPIF
« on: July 11, 2021, 01:44 AM »
Okay, so I need a technical question answering in regard to the N64Digital NTSC/PAL clock changing capability vs the UltraPIF mod's clock changing capability.

Is the UltraPIF basically like the Everdrive's UltraCIC III, allowing the CIC checks to be bypassed (but also works with original carts), plus a built in frequency changer for swapping the clock between 50hz/60hz, so that PAL/NTSC run at the correct, accurate speed?

The N64Digital mod also has a PAL/NTSC clock frequency swapping capability. Will this only fully work in conjunction with an Everdrive with UltraCIC III? Will there still be region lockout issues with original carts if they're a different region to the console?

Just need to clear it up before I decide what route to go down as i want to achieve accuracy. I'm happy running NTSC game via Everdrive X7, but my original carts are all in PAL format.

So would my best option be a PAL N64 with N64Digital+Everdrive X7 for NTSC games?

Is there a way a screen alignment option can be added into the firmware to allow us to adjust the screen position of certain games?

Banjo-Kazooie always displays off centre (too far to the right), which is an issue with the game itself, which is really annoying. Is there any chance we could have the option to adjust the alignment and overscan options for games and save them on a per game basis?

Alternatively, is there anyone who could work out a screen alignment modifier gameshark code for this game for all regions, so we can just modify values and enable the code with the current gameshark feature?

I'm not sure if other games have this issue. I know later Rare games included screen alignment settings in-game.

Also, is it possible to support .bmp wallpapers again too as the X7 only supports lossy jpeg format?

Hi, is there any chance an option can be added to select between 240p and 480p/480i for the OS menu. This feature was removed in the X series for some reason. Also could an option to hide file extensions for a cleaner look or maybe the ability to display some sort of ID3 tag title instead of the filename, which would allow us to display special characters such as colons for some game titles instead of " - ".

There is absolutely no need to change the save type for this reason. Notes are already permanently saved in the original game, so changing so that they are saved even when dying doesn't increase the amount of data that needs to be saved. It only changes when it's saved.
This was never an EEPROM cost problem. It's just that Rare thought that dying should punish the player by not saving the note and Jinjo scores.

Changing this will change the rules for saving though. You may need to add an option for the player to choose to save or not when dying, or do whatever the Xbox version does for handling saving.

As Kerr has said, the way they are counted in the original version is as a high score, there's probably no data to identify which of the notes have been collected, just the high score, which would just be stored on RAM while the console is on. Saving flags for each individual not into the memory would take up a lot more space than storing a single high score value.

I'm pretty sure one of the staff at Rare said it was a limitation for them at the time, but wanted them to be saved just like the Xbox version. It could have been in their interviews they did a few years back on their channel, but not sure. It was likely down to production cost of the EEPROM as already mentioned. A toggle in the options menu for the original high score system or updated permanent save system could be added.

Like I said in the original post, I like the original save system just fine because the game to me is easy, as long as you get the engine room in RBB out of the way first thing before doing the rest of the level, and don't have any fatal falls in CCW, you won't really have to do levels over. But I can also see why it'd turn new players off by making you trawl through the entire level all over again as a result of dying or leaving. I think that's a bit of a brutal punishment, it should really do that if you game over instead of just dying once. That would give the extra lives an actual point in existing as they serve pretty much no purpose, as it the case with SM64.

Back in the day it was probably seen as an artificial way to pad out the time to complete the game, having kids revisit and retry levels over and over to get their high score, but it's a bit of bad design in my eyes, making it all or nothing, while there's extra lives that mean nothing, when they could act as continues.

Thanks Kerr,

I posted over on romhacking.

Here's my post of the suggested updates:

Basically these improvements and fixes are what I believe could have been official improvements and fixes had they released a version 1.2 as later re-release towards the end of the N64 life cycle.

List of improvements I'd want to have:

#1) Utilisation of a different save type to allow Musical notes and Jinjos to be permanently saved when exiting a level, dying or saving & quitting (to behave just like the Xbox port).

#2) Add a bubble to the pause menu titled "OPTIONS" with Bottles' face sprite (as used in the Xbox version) to include on/off toggles for inverted X axis camera rotation, Swimming Y axis, first person view Y axis, also a toggle for changing the camera rotation from button presses to holding C left and right for smooth 360 degree rotation (with a separate rotation speed slider), a screen alignment option (pull assests from Tooie), a screen scale option (pull assets from Tooie) and finally, a widescreen option like Tooie*. 4 option bubbles can easily fit on the pause menu screen as there is a beta feature which also gave you a 4th option to "Exit to witch's lair" when you pause in a world. This feature can be enabled with a gameshark code, so the official spacing and size of the option bubbles when 4 options are available can probably be derived from that. *Widescreen option should only be included if the expansion pak can be utilised, ensuring the game still runs smoothly without any additional slowdown. The 6 options available in the "OPTIONS" menu should be displayed in 3 rows, split into 2 columns.

#3) Automatic unlocking of the Stop N Swop item locations after 100% completion, after end credits.

#4) Add a mumbo token, jinjo and bottles moves total in the view totals menu for each level as well as the lair. The mumbo bubble with the mumbo token sprite, the jinjo total with a green jinjo sprite (green is used for Tooie) and the move total with Bottles' sprite.
The addition of the 3 extra total counters will mean there will be a total of 7 bubbles on most level screens (notes, jiggys, hollow honeycombs, mumbo tokens, jinjos, bottles' moves and finally the level timer). Because of this, the bubbles will have to be resized in the following way... there will remain to be 4 rows but the totals will be split into 2 columns. The notes, jiggys, hollow honeycombs, mumbo tokens, jinjos and bottle's moves will take up the top 3 rows, split into 2 columns (the new additions in the right hand column) and the level timer will be centred on the 4th row, as it appears originally.

#5) The ability to be able to replay the final boss fight, even after the credits and the game save has grunty stuck under the rock.

#6) Possibility of utilising the expansion pak to increase draw distances and reduce slowdown.


#1) Fixing the mumbo token flag bugs (the 2 in Mad Monster Mansion that use the same flag, where you have to spawn both of them before you collect them or one will be permanently missable and the two in Click Clock Wood, where if you collect one and die, the other will also be permanently missable)

#2) A fix for the permanently missable mumbo token in Gobi's Valley in the flooded pyramid. If you don't pick up the token before draining it (by collecting the jiggy), you can never reach it again. I'd suggest fixing this by automatically setting it to its flooded state and the moat being empty when re-entering the level until both the mumbo token and jiggy have been collected. After this the pyramid will permanently remain drained as normal.

#3) Change the wrong colour on the walking N64 logo at startup. See here:

Everything else to remain original :)

I've heard it was some sort of technical limitation, but then I look at DK64's endless amount of collectibles and think there must be a way of making it possible. I'd be surprised if something hasn't at least been attempted as a sort of B-K redux version, similar to what has been done with Ocatina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Does anyone know of any such patch of Banjo-Kazooie that allows the game to permanently save the notes and Jinjos collected, perhaps by utilising the expansion pak or utilising a different save type? Maybe a few other improvements or options such as 360 degree camera by holding C buttons and inverted control options for the camera and swimming?

I'm personally fine with the game just the way it is as it's what I grew up with it, but I'm trying to introduce my girlfriend to the game and I think they'd make good improvement to have for a new player, especially someone who isn't used to controls. The Xbox version is the definitive version, but it'd be great to have the ability to play with some of those improvements on N64. She skipped the N64 generation after SNES, so she's never had to deal with the C-button camera scheme and the old inverted camera standard.

Is a patch like this possible with expansion pak utilisation?

I did see that one advertised, that's what made me ask. I figured they must be making the X7 moulds for this colour so are we able to buy the clear red shells or buy them in different colours from Krikzz. A smoke grey one would look really cool!

I really like the quality of the new X7 carts and was wondering if we are able to purchase shells separately in different colours?

EverDrive 64 / Downgraded OS features on the X7 compared to V3
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:04 PM »
So, the X7 has a new operating system but in some cases seems to have had a downgrade compared to the V3.

One that bugs me is there is now no option for 640×480 menu resolution. I liked this feature because it looks so much better and can fit more text on screen and it worked great for me with my HDMI modded console.

Another is that the background wallpaper now has to be in a lossy jpeg format and at half the resolution the previously (320×240).

I have a request for the next update for the option to hide the file extensions too please if that's possible. It will look a lot more presentable to to see the names of the rom files without the file extensions (.z64, .v64, .n64 etc).

Thanks, I've received a message about a new label from the support team :)

Thought I'd better point it out for you so it can be fixed.


EverDrive 64 / Really small annoyance with new ED64 X7 - typo on back
« on: October 15, 2019, 04:37 AM »
Just thought I'd point out there's a typo on the back label to drive everyone else with OCD insane!
It's on the second bullet point, the word "way" should be "may".

If you fix it, please send a new back to me :P It's annoying that it's on an otherwise flawless premium quality product!

EverDrive 64 / Hiding rom file extensions in menu
« on: July 05, 2019, 10:31 AM »
Is there a way to hide the file extensions in the menu so only the name of the game is displayed? Possibly a config file edit or something?

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