Author Topic: EverDrive N8 and Mini Nt Noir issue  (Read 931 times)

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EverDrive N8 and Mini Nt Noir issue
« on: December 07, 2020, 05:46 PM »

I'm experiencing issues with my recently received Mini Nt Noir console. The console, in conjunction with Everdrive N8, seems to work fine when using only HDMI output. But when I tried to use it with a CRT, using the existing analog output included by the console, and the RGC lead ( ) to connect the Mini Nt to the CRT TV, sometimes I get glitches images and sound during console startup and Everdrive cartridge doesn't boot (showing "Disk IO Error 62" when trying to access Everdrive cartridge from Mini Nt Noir menu):

- Screenshot:
- Test 01:
- Test 02:

Using original Famicom cartridges, I can't reproduce the issue, with the console working fine in next scenarios:

-- Using HMDI output
-- Using analog output from console
-- Using HDMI + Analogue DAC

About previous scenarios, it's curious that, when using HDMI+DAC+Everdrive N8, console boots right ( ). And I can boot Everdrive N8 cartridge as well. But some games show random glitches like Akumajou Densetsu ( ).

I suspect the issue could be related with the power adapter. The voltage seems correct ( ), but probably the amperage of the AC adapter ( ) is not enough for powering the console+analog output+Everdriver N8. The AC adapter has 1A12W max output as you can see in the previous screenshot.

Looking forward to any suggestion to figure out how to solve this. I would like to use my Everdrive N8 with the Mini Nt Noir + CRT. But at this moment it seems challenging.

I have created a support case in Analogue just to make sure as well there is not a problem with the console. I don't think so as it work perfectly when using original cartridges or when not using the analog output if I'm using the Everdrive N8.
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Re: EverDrive N8 and Mini Nr Noir issue
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2020, 07:07 PM »
Sounds power-related to me. I’m using an N8 Pro (Famicom version) with my Noir connected by RGB to a CRT and everything appears to work perfectly.