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Title: Everdrive technical specifications
Post by: Drakon on May 13, 2012, 06:37 PM
Okay for a tech guy like me hardware specs are a big deal and krikzz's amazing products don't list a lot of these.  I did a lot of chatting with tiido one of the premier guys when it comes to sega related hardware about the hardware differences.  So far what we managed to see from looking at the pcb picture of the mega everdrive is that the mega everdrive uses ram to store the game you're playing instead of a flash chip like the old everdrive.  The advantage of using a ram chip is that it'll last pretty much forever.  I'd love to find out other technical advantages of the hardware used in these carts and have it posted somewhere to help people like myself decide which cart is best to suite their needs.

Knowing how long the hardware in your flash cart will last is important to the buyer.  Also knowing all the limitations is another important thing to know.
Title: Re: Everdrive technical specifications
Post by: KRIKzz on May 14, 2012, 10:48 AM
i guess that dev lib and samples which already published should be enough for homebrew developers. mega-ed usage on low level is pretty complex thing, i don't really have a time to write huge tech doc about mega ed, and i guess that not a lot of people have enough patience and time to write own low level app which will touch usb or sd directly, and will not crash at same time, so i made small lib for access to OS functions and few sample to explain how to use it. I think that homebrew developers want to have access to USB, SD and onboard ram and nothing more, lib allow to get access to it. look on those lib and ask me if you will have some questions or suggestions