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Game compatiblity (X5 vs ODE)

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Well slowly working my way through testing games.... Seems I hit one game that doesn't work on the ODE, but works fine on the X5...

Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu

You'll get a warning saying "game won't work on hardware" on the ODE, but it works fine on Krikkz's flashcart.

Anyone know what causes the issue?

Presumably some Anti Piracy measure they overlooked. Try the European version, that works fine on the no-definitive edition and should also run on the ODE.

Does it happen with the clean ROM boot option?

I pointed it out to the developers its an issue with all or most of the Dragonball Z games... THey  require a search for eeprom 128 mode, apparently flash128 works too. The dvelopers said it will be fixed in next firmware.

So just a wrong save type problem.


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