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PERFECT!!!  Thanks a million to you and Mr. Krikzz!!!!!

Thanks, Orangeturtlepie!  I've downloaded the file and will give it a try!

Off Topic / Re: Retrogate
« on: December 13, 2015, 01:20 AM »
I ordered from Retrogate on Black Friday (very early, my time).  It was delivered to where I live in Connecticut this past Monday, about 10 days total.  Of course, for whatever reason, it was registered, so it needed to be signed for.  No one was at home when the mailman came so they took it back to the post office.  I couldn't get there till yesterday.   :(

Orangeturtlepie - I'm having the same issue with the DSP games.  My Super Everdrive with the DSP chip just arrived and although it works great for the non-DSP chip, I'm getting the split-screen like your picture above for Super Mario Carts.  Getting some other reactions from some other games making them unplayable too.  I loaded the DSP files from the above link, but no change.

Please continue to post your progress - I have a feeling we're not the only ones with the problem!

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