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FM support in new X7


Are the pin connected for audio in?      Can or is FM support planned for the everdrive GG X7?

Getting an X7 soon and would also like to know if support is possible. I know it's been added to the Mega Everdrive, it would be super cool to have it on the GG and SMS too.

EDIT: well I've now soldered a SMSFM module into a game gear and have learned a lot more about the hardware. I would bet money the hardware will NEVER support this without a hardware update (everdrive GG X9?). That said, I've read into it and the FM support COULD be added into a cartridge by feeding it into the TV input lines, however it will have the same issues as earlier SMSFM modules made for the master system - the hardware has no way to disable PSG (onboard) sound output. Some games relied on a method only japanese systems had to cut out the PSG sound so ONLY FM sound is heard. the current SMSFM accomplishes this by simply splicing into the audio circuit and literally disconnecting the PSG output. This works fine in a game gear, but it requires an extra bit of soldering and hardware that would not be able to function in a cartridge. Still, a cartridge with FM support would cover well over half of all FM supported SMS games.

EDIT2: well, after learning a bit more about how the mega everdrive emulates FM sound, I guess it might be possible to make the everdrive GG support it, assuming the FPGA is up to it AND the board itself utilizes the GG audio in pins that were originally meant for the TV tuner. That said I don't know if it would work 100% as some games disable PSG sound using hardware that just isn't in the GG, but most games would probably work. if the FPGA can do it...


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