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Reset to black screen. Original N8 (Famicom version) v1.26


I'm getting a black screen after reset to menu with v1.26. Reset to game works fine, and both reset to menu and reset to game work fine with v1.25

Original N8 (Famicom version)
Bios ver:4
Cpld ver:1

NA toaster NES

I updated my N8 (original Famicom version too) to 1.26 from 1.23 today and am getting black screens on every reset. It was fine on 1.23, so I tried 1.25 and it's fine there too. What is funny, is that the changelog specifically states there's a black screen fix in 1.26 but whatever was changed there seems to be actually causing black screens on the original Everdrive N8 Famicom version, or Famicom AV which I'm using. Are you on a Famicom AV out of interest?

If Krikzz sees this, I'd be interested to know if there are any planned updates to the N8 as if not, sticking with 1.25 is fine, but if there are, could you consider a release without the 1.26 changes?

Edit: ah I see you mentioned US console, I guess you use an adapter, so maybe related to the Famicom Everdrive not console type.


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