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What exactly do I have to do for save states to work?

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I found an option to turn on save states in a menu, but even with it turned on, I pressed start+up and start+down a hundred times in five different games and never once did anything happen.  Is there something else I have to do to make them work?  I've been wondering if maybe a folder needs to be created for them on the SD card. 

Also, is there a manual somewhere for the Everdrive?  This is a question I'd go to a manual for, but I can't find one.

Not for the original N8 but the Pro has a manual:

Well, that manual does mention a SNAP folder, but looking at the SD card, I see that the folder is already there, so it's not that.

are you using real nes or clone nes ?


--- Quote ---are you using real nes or clone nes ?
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It's an FC Dual.  I'd wondered if it might be a problem with it being a clone, but the cartridge otherwise seems to work correctly.  Also, it wrote an SRAM save file for a game that I don't even have on my SD card, which indicates that someone played that game before I got the cartridge, and that's making me wonder if it wasn't already returned to Amazon once before because of this problem.

...but, I don't know.  No one seems to be able to tell me for sure that I'm even doing everything that I need to do in order to use save states.  So, for all I know, they actually work just fine and I'm simply missing a step that's required to use them.

I'm going to try downloading older versions of the OS and see if any of them work differently.


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