Author Topic: Full List Of Master System Games That Don't Work On The X7  (Read 301 times)

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Hi guys, look this is nothing new as this has been brought to the public's attention quite a few times on this forum but I thought I might just add a list of Master System games that don't run on the X7 one final time as i've recently discovered more titles that don't boot properly.

Also i'm wondering: can anybody that owns a Mega EverDrive Pro please confirm if any of these games still don't work on the Pro? It would be very interesting to get feedback from the community on this one.

Games that don't work on the Mega EverDrive X7 with latest firmware.

1. Sega Chess = Black Screen nothing
2. The Lion King = Can't actually play the game as it haults to an endless black screen after the title screen.
3. The Jungle Book = It resets itself back to the title screen after defeating the snake boss in stage 2, so you can never actually play it properly unless you use the stage select cheat.
4. Pitfighter = You get approximately one second into the game and then it crashes each and every time.
5. Krusty's Fun House = It crashes after the title screen over and over again. Unplayable
6. James Bond 007 = Same as Pitfighter, it crashes seconds upon boot up.
7. Super Space Invaders = Constantly loops the opening text over and over so you're never able to actually get into the actual game.
8. Street Fighter II = Now this one is a Tectoy exclusive and even this game doesn't run properly, once you finish a round it decides to crash.

Now there might be other titles that have issues that i'm not aware of yet but these are the one's I found. Would be very interesting to see if these games still have the same problem with the Pro or whether they were fixed.

If we examine the games upon careful inspection it is discovered that they are all western Master System releases not developed or published by Sega Enterprises Ltd Japan. Sega only licensed these titles to play on the SMS (usually in Europe and Brazil) so maybe there's something the X7 doesn't like about the programming of these western PAL Master System releases? Also to note that about 2 or 3 of them were programmed by the great Dominic Wood who first worked for Probe Software and then left to form Syrox Developments.

I personally own The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Pitfighter and Sega Chess on actual single carts and they run perfectly on the Mega Drive when using the Master System/Power Base Converter but the other ones I have no other way of playing them. Shouldn't matter whether I own them or not as single games they should all be working but I don't blame Krikkz for this as he could never guarentee that every single game was going to work 100% on his products.

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Re: Full List Of Master System Games That Don't Work On The X7
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2021, 03:17 PM »
i just did quick test on Sega Chess

X7 = black screen
MDv3 = working fine
Pro = working fine
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