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Hi, I understand that there is V1 and V2 of the turbo Everdrive? Are the differences physical or firmware only?
Will a V1 shell fit a V2 turbo Everdrive?  Does anybody know if a shell is available for the PC Engine video booster sold on eBay?


The difference is physical. The V1 uses flash I think, and doesn't have enough voltage translation. Games that uses RAM on the Hucard won't work. I forgot if Street Fighter II' works or not on V1.
V2 uses RAM (much quicker loading) and proper voltage translation so it doesn't damage the console. RAM games and Street Fighter II' works. The V1 isn't produced anymore anyway. Some games requires elmer's unofficial loader to work (
Don't load the Super CD System Card on the V2 unless its patched with elmer's patch or you use elmer's loader, otherwise the console may take damage.

I have no idea if the same shells fits both, or about the video booster.

Thank you for your help 👍


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