Author Topic: Mega Everdrive X7 In-Game Menu Accidentally triggering  (Read 414 times)

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Mega Everdrive X7 In-Game Menu Accidentally triggering
« on: November 24, 2020, 08:58 PM »
I got a Mega Everdrive X7, and in general I'm happy with it, but the save state feature is almost useless for me. No matter what I set my in-game menu shortcut to, it starts triggering almost constantly after I save a state, even when I'm nowhere close to pressing the menu combo. For example, I have the menu set to Down+Start. The menu pops up sometimes when I hit Left+B, or any diagonal on the D-pad, or sometimes just on its own.

I have the latest firmware installed. I've tried a couple different controllers (8-bitdo's 2.4g M30 and Sega's official wireless Genesis controller) and both have the same issue. I'm also using an Analogue Mega SG; not sure if that has anything to do it.

I tried it on the following games before giving up, each with the same result: streets of rage 1-3, sonic 1-2, Phantasy Star 3, etc. Same issue on all of 'em.