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Thanks for that. :)

Too bad it doesn't seem to actually work.

The original SRAM file from the Everdrive MD is called a.gen, and is 64 KiB.

The output from 8to16.exe is called a.gen.bin, and is 128 KiB.

The output from 16to8.exe is called a.gen_out.srm and is 32 KiB.

None of these three files work in KEGA Fusion, even when renamed to a.srm. The emulator just makes its own, new and empty a.srm file and ignores all the others.

this one for convert file from ed to emu format:
this one for convert file from emu to ed format:

Hello! I would really like to use these files, but the link is no longer working. Could I suggest adding these to the official Everdrive website?

Thank you.

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