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Title: High or low voltage change somewhere on the pcb between menu mode and game mode?
Post by: KatalysiS on April 17, 2021, 09:11 PM
Since I dot know how to disable the X button in the menu mode to prevent kids froms changing the configuration settings... and also btw, I converted my SNES to JAMMA to put in my Super System arcade machine and each controller button has its own wire now...

I would like to use a signal on the SD2SNES to trigger a relay switch that would disconnect the X button for as long as that voltage stays either high or low. And reconnects the X, turn on the relay switch, when the game loads.. I wonder if there is a chip or point somewhere on the pcb that has a different voltage depending if it's on the menu screen and becomes different when a game is loaded. The LED flickers and are not really different between menu and game, other than blinking randomly witch is useless, unless I go arduino but i want to avoid that..

When the game is loaded, is there any new level of voltage somewhere?