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Alrighty, so I've decided to make a thread here because this is something that has really perplexed me and has me quite concerned.
So... I've had the FXPAK PRO for close to 5 months (was actually a birthday gift to my little brother since he really loves the SNES and its vast selection of RPGs to choose from, though he lets me share which is cool). All was well on the surface and it was even working fine with the current setup... but recently, when my bro reset back to the menu after playing a game for a bit (he told me it was Monopoly which was the last game he played before this all went down), the FXPAK PRO would have its LED light stuck on red and wouldn't go back to the Menu like it's supposed to, as it is frozen in this state. Turning off the console, and then turning it back just results in a black screen, and I'm positive the flashcart is properly seated. The LED lights do flash for a bit upon turning on the console, however a menu is nowhere to be seen.
If any additional info helps, the console I'm testing it on is a Super Famicom (CPU/PPU1/PPU2 1/1/1), and the console's capacitors have been replaced not too long ago, plus the cartridge connectors have been cleaned. The console gets power just fine too.
Been using the official firmware by ikari_01 which is v1.11.0 beta 1. I suspected that perhaps maybe there was a bug with the recent firmware that would cause such a thing, so I reverted back to v1.10.3, which is known to be stable, but still nothing. I've even tried different Micro SD Cards formatted to FAT32, but still nothing.
I've deleted the "config.yml" file that would get created upon booting up the FXPAK PRO, just to see if that would reset anything, and no luck there either sadly. What's strange is that even though the flashcart isn't displaying the menu, it still happens to create a new "config.yml" file upon looking at the Micro SD Card's contents afterwards.
I honestly have no idea why this has been happening now when the FXPAK PRO used to work fine before...
I've boiled down that the console itself is fine because it can play cartridge games without issue.

EDIT: Okay... something weird happened and apparently the FXPAK PRO started to work again, but only for a short while. I was able to test out Super FX games like Star Fox 1 & 2, and even test out MSU-1 stuff like Super Road Blaster which played fine (both video/audio) at the time. It's when I pressed reset on the console that this issue started to happen once again, and the FXPAK PRO doesn't wanna work properly.
I'm beginning to suspect that the FXPAK PRO might actually be broken in some way, but I sincerely would appreciate any replies or advice on what I can do here. It's just... my lil bro is really bummed out by all of this...  :(

EverDrive 64 / Odd behavior with save_db.txt (ED64 V3)
« on: May 08, 2021, 11:59 AM »
Alrighty, so this is something I wanted to share in regards to save_db.txt behavior.
So basically, I was playing on my EverDrive 64 V3 last night, nothing out of the ordinary at the surface. Then I randomly decided to look into this one game called Air Boarder 64 (heard some not-so-good things about it from others who have played through it, but I've been meaning to try it out of curiosity).
Have this PAL to NTSC patch applied to it since my CRT TV that I play my N64 games on only accepts 60Hz signal, and the patch actually works with no distorted video signal.
So starting it up, boots up fine with the logos and such, but then it just freezes to a black screen. Initially thought that maybe something went wrong with the patching process, but looking at the ROM info, the savetype lists it as EEPROM16k.
Odd... because looking into the database, I could have sworn that this game is supposed to save to EEPROM4k. At this point, I was starting to think that perhaps the entries added in my save_db.txt was causing a conflict here...? So as an experiment, I replaced my save_db.txt file in my ED64 OS folder with one that barely has any entries added. Looking at the game's ROM info again, now it correctly says that the game saves to EEPROM4k!
This doesn't make any sense to me because nowhere in my own personal save_db.txt file do I have Air Boarder 64's CRC HI value nor its ROM ID anywhere inserted in there. I also don't have any emulator CRC HI values added either as that can cause conflicts to happen to some random N64 ROM savetypes if said emulators are recognized in the "ED64" folder, at least with older firmwares.
Heck, even copying and pasting the entire list of entries from Kerr Avon's save_db.txt thread into a new .txt file, and looking at Air Boarder 64's ROM Info again says that the game savetype is EEPROM16k.
I should mention that I am currently using JonesAlmighty's Unofficial-Official ED64 OS v2.12.8 on my ED64 V3.
Now I'm starting to think that perhaps there's a weird bug with the old 2.xx firmware in how the save_db.txt values are handled. Of course, I can simply add the game's ROM ID or CRC HI value to get the correct savetype to show, but by doing that, would that end up making some other random N64 game unintentionally change its savetype? This admittedly has me rather confused.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Final Fantasy IV save file disappeared randomly
« on: April 07, 2021, 11:44 PM »
Hello there! First time I've posted here in the FXPAK PRO section, but hopefully I can get some answers.
So basically, I received an FXPAK PRO last month as it was actually meant as a surprise birthday present for my little brother, who loved playing Super Nintendo. (He really loved the gift and was blown away by it)
It was working really well with no issues up until something weird happened... so my little brother was getting really invested in Final Fantasy IV (I think around 20+ hours), and saved his game. He waited a bit to make sure that the saving process went through, then he turned the console off afterwards. Upon loading his game the next time, his FF4 save data got wiped clean as if he never played the game before. That bummed him out when that happened, and I unfortunately was not able to back up the save data in time as the flashcart (and Micro SD card) was not in my possession at that time.
At first, I had the suspicion that maybe the CR2032 battery might have dried up, but here is the weird part... all his other saves for other SNES games like Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World, Kirby Super Star, etc. remain intact.
It was only Final Fantasy IV that was affected by this weird occurence.
The FXPAK PRO was played on my Super Famicom that I gave to him (capacitors were recently recapped and console was cleaned too).
If it helps, I shall also mention that I do have the v1.10.3-frs-v12 firmware (SGB support with Save States) set up for my lil bro there. Wonder if maybe the firmware that's currently being used at the moment might have something to do with this...? I've heard about BS-X games not working properly on this firmware, but are there other notable issues that are known about, and if so... should I just stick with the official v1.10.3 firmware for the time being even though it has less features at the moment?
Would like to know your thoughts on this. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Alrighty, so this is kind of a weird thing that happened. So I had a save file for Banjo Kazooie that I've made some decent progress in over the past few days, so I saved my game and turned my console off. The next time I launched Banjo Kazooie, I looked at the menu to notice that my save file had been wiped clean, as if I had never played the game before. Luckily, I backup my EverDrive stuff including my saves on a regular basis so I didn't permanently lose all my progress. So I'm continuing off from the last backup point.

Though it's strange that this happened... I am aware of certain Rareware games having some sort of copy protection built into their games, like Donkey Kong 64 for example that randomly erases your savedata without running a cracked ROM nor an UltraCIC chip installed on the cart. Though I don't recall the original Banjo Kazooie having that kind of behavior where it deletes saves at random, as far as my memory serves...
Checked the EverDrive 64 diagnostics to see that EEP is labelled as OK along with everything else.
Is this something I should be concerned about in the foreseeable future? Just wondering what may have caused this is all. (I was also using X7 v3.05 firmware, which does still have some bugs that do need to be addressed running on a V3, like 64DD cartridge port saving behavior and Neon64 v2.0 beta 3 saves not working as intended.)

Sup lads! Wanted to make this thread because I was talking to a friend through PMs in regards to ROM hacks, this one in particular (Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Trilogy) boots up fine. Sega logo and all that, but after showing the Williams logo and fading to black, it crashes...

It should be important to mention that this is the latest version v23 (5125) of the ROM hack I'm running, and also has the Bonus PCM music tracks applied which makes it a 13MB file. I should also mention that this exact ROM I'm using also worked perfectly fine on the Mega EverDrive X7 (when I was still using it at the time). Is there a supposed option that needs to be toggled for this hack to work properly on the Mega EverDrive Pro? Or is it some kind of firmware bug?
I'm using OS v4.07 btw.

EDIT: Upgrading to OS v4.08 still has the same issue as mentioned previously. Curious as to why on the older X7 flashcart this ROM hack worked, but not on the Pro.

Hello there! Got my Mega EverDrive Pro in the mail about a week ago and have been digging the extra features it has over the older Mega EverDrive I have, though whenever I fire up a Sega CD game, I tend to experience some weird issues whenever I'm playing them, or even playing Genesis games using Mode 1 function.
Things I remember are...
When I was playing through Final Fight CD using Pyron's Enhanced Color hack, I got up to the Round 5 Boss but then the CD Audio would glitch out and play a short section of the track on a neverending loop. The game itself would still play until it gets to a transition effect after beating the boss Abigail, then the game freezes.
Another thing I recall happening was when I was playing Rock n' Roll Racing Hack v16 by Ti with a custom Mode 1 soundtrack applied (WAV files and cue), the music would play fine and it was really awesome hearing bands like Black Sabbath & Deep Purple playing in the background, but then that CD Audio glitch happened again about a half hour later where a short section of the track played on an endless loop, and the light on the MED Pro lit up a constant red until I reset the console, booted back to the ED menu.
The most recent game I've tried was Sewer Shark (Not for Resale) and I was able to play it for about 20-ish minutes before the game locked up completely. Resetting the console gave me a Disc I/O error, but turning off the console and then turning it back on booted back up to the ED menu as normal.

The Sega CD games I've tried are Redump Multi-Bin games, and also I use a Model 1 (Non-TMSS) VA3 Sega Genesis with an official Sega power supply, cleaned the console's cartridge contacts not too long ago. I use a Lexar 633x 256GB MicroSDXC Card which was newly bought (at the store where I live). First formatted in exFAT with 256KB cluster size done using SD Card Formatter. However, the second format I did was 128KB cluster size using the default Windows formatter to see if somehow that would make a difference. So far these glitches still happen from time to time, trying to break down what may be causing this since I'm still familiarizing myself with how the Mega EverDrive Pro works.

EDIT: Formatted my Micro SD card again, this time with 64KB cluster size, and tested out Sewer Shark (Not for Resale) again and I was able to get farther into the game, though didn't make it to the end yet ("Dogmeat" is forever engraved into my brain :P ). Surprisingly that brief playthrough of Sewer Shark, I didn't come across any freezes that time. Decided to try a different game to see if the freezing might occur or not. Mansion of Hidden Souls was the game I tried out next, and I watched the intro sequence for the heck of it, but unfortunately the game froze right as the intro sequence was about to end...
On my end, the freezing seems to be quite random for me no matter how I format my Micro SD card, and it's actually getting to a point where it's becoming a bigger concern for me. Forgot to mention earlier that I'm also using MEGA-OS V4.05 firmware.

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