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Kerr Avon:
I thought it would be a good idea for us to share any programs, tips, links, etc, that were useful with regard to the Everdrive 64. Please post anything relevant here, to help your fellow ED64 users.

Kerr Avon:
Problem: The Everdrive 64 can't read your SD card.

Sometimes, an SD Card can't be read on the ED64. One common cause of this is that even though the card has been formatted to FAT32 (which is necessary), the card is formatted wrongly.

The problem is down to Microsoft changing Windows' formatting ability from Vista onwards, so that when Vista or later formats a drive to FAT32, then the drive has a FAT32 setup that's slightly different to how it would have been if you'd have formatted it with Windows XP. And some pieces of hardware which use FAT32, including some media players, cameras, and Everdrives, can have trouble with the FAT32 formatted drives (including SD Cards) because they expect to find the old style setup, and not the new one.

Why Microsoft did this, I have no idea.

Fortunately, it's easy to fix. Just use a third party program to format the drive to FAT32, there are a few, and most are free. I use:


from :

It's small, doesn't need to be installed, free, and does a proper job of formatting to FAT32 standard. Just be careful to format the SD card and not your hard drive, of course!

Kerr Avon:
Problem: Can't create wallpapers (background pictures for the menu screen) that work on the Everdrive 64

To use a background image (in the Everdrive 64, at least) you need to use a 640 x 480 bitmap file (.bmp) with 16 bit depth. The problem is, I couldn't find a program that would create or convert a .bmp file to 16 bit, but I finally got it to work using a freeware program called Easy Graphic Converter, from

Note that I've not tried the 320 x 240 screen mode of the official Everdrive OS or Saturn's OS, so I don't know if 320 x 240 images need the same treatment (I'd imagine that they probably do).

Edit: For the X7 Everdrive 64, it looks like (from what I've read) you need to use a 320 x 240 .jpg file instead of a .bmp file. I don't have a X7 Everdrive 64 to test them with.

You can also use photoshop to convert any image into the correct format for the ED64.

Open up whatever image you want in PS. Go to Image > Image Size.  Change width and height to be 680 and 480 respectively. In the preview window on the left, you can drag the image if it is too large to fit everything, and make sure it is cropped correctly (this is more of a thing with larger images with odd aspect ratios. Just make sure the preview window looks how you want your image). Click OK when finished here.

Now simply click File > Save as, and change the format too BMP and click Save. A window will then popup asking for BMP options. Keep the first set to Windows (not OS/2), and change depth to 16bit. Click ok. Done!

These aren't directly related to the ED64, but these are tips that you should use the ED64 for. I feel not many people use these tips, so I'm sharing them to you guys.

Pokemon Stadium 2: Sure, it works flawlessly in V3.0, but there is an exploit in V2.0 or 2.5 (I used a 2.0). If you have a real Transfer Pak (Mine's unmodified) and the pokemon games of their respective regions (Ex. Pokemon Stadium GS (J) with Pokemon Midori (Green) Ao (Blue), or Kin (Gold)), You can transfer items and pokemon to the ED64. Press Reset to return to the menu. Press start and return to the game. Transfer everything back to your game boy and select Save Changes (something like that text.) Wait for it to save, but as soon as it's done, DO NOT PRESS RESET THIS TIME. Turn the power off instead. Congratulations! You have learned how to clone pokemon!

Any 64DD game, but mainly Mario Artist, Sim City, and F-Zero: Did you want to share your creations? You can upload the ROMS to a site like this forum or create a group on Facebook. It's like using Randnet's uploading features. And your creations is only limited by your SD card!

That's all I have for now.


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