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EverDrive GBA / Anybody have this weirdness happen?
« on: November 29, 2018, 06:32 AM »
I booted up the ol GBA today for a round of DKC and Super Mario World on the Everdrive X5 and I got a  message along these lines: "RTC reset battery has run dry" but not an exact quote.

Thats the best I can recall from memory.

Anyway I began searching around about the issue and quickly found a post here with apparently the same issue, Feverdrive recommended the guy buy a certain battery replacement and install it and he did so and all works well again for the dude apparently.

The "weirdness" on my end however is after I powered off the GBA and powered things back on its been working ok ever since and saving my games just fine, so is my battery done for or not do you all think?

Well regardless I've already ordered the battery type (in a 5 pack I think) that Feverdrive recommended the OP of the other thread to get but I'd hate to chuck out the current one if its actually still good and I just got this message by a fluke/glitch/what have you.  :P


I think it turned out pretty sweet.  8)

Though it will go down in history as quite possibly being Zoki's most difficult painting project of all time according to him.  :P


Great news guys, its now official, my optional in game reset idea (via special button code) for the N64 game console which I personally proposed to Marshall H creator of the N64 Ultra HDMI board has now been successfully implemented by him as of his latest 1.06 firmware update for his kit.

To active it, it requires a bit of extra wiring installed after you install the kit itself but nothing too major and the process is explained on page 12 of his updated installation guide.

GameTechUS a.k.a Jason Rausch who is selling the kits for Marshall H (the kit's creator) presently has 227 pre-order slots for the kit left in stock.

So if anyone wants to order an Ultra HDMI kit and install the board themselves or have a modder do it for you may do so now just understand that Jason/GameTech doesn't have the boards physically in stock at the moment as this is a pre-order sale where once the pre order slots are all filled he will then get the Chinese manufacturer to begin creating the boards and shipping them to him and possibly Marshall for programming before sending your paid for orders to you which could take a couple of months but ultimately not too long of a wait.

Krikzz can correct me if I'm wrong on this but I believe I read him say somewhere on this board that this feature will never be able to be implemented through the Everdrive 64 because of how the console is setup to work with game pack's or some such thus making Marshall's mod unarguably the cleanest, simplest way one can go about getting an optional in game reset feature working on their N64 game console.

I've seen and read other modders talking about ways to implement this and one modder in particular tore his N64 apart and modded it in an elaborate way using certain specialized car parts to get a reset function working for his console but trust me guys this method is far simpler and far more elegant than anything I've read about or seen thus far to get this option of convenience working.

Whoever gets this mod done with Marshall's board will never have to get up from the couch or recliner again when you want to swap N64 games using Krikzz's Everdrive.

Well not unless the game glitches up that is.  :P

Thought you guys might be interested so I'm posting it for you all to see!  ;D

Here's the youtube video of it exposed to light below...

Anyway I decided to have Zoki make this for me to begin with since the paint StoneAgeGamer uses has a tendency to crumble off whereas Zoki's automotive paint would not do that, as well it would provide a more professional appearance for such an already expensive gaming device.  :P

Zoki came up with his own cool design for the cart as well since I basically gave him the go ahead to do so...though since I let him know I LOVE sparkling effects maybe thats part of the reason he added those special type of sparkly objects to really make the cart pop so to speak?  8)

EverDrive 64 / Is my Everdrive 64 v3 dead on arrival?
« on: August 02, 2015, 02:56 PM »
 I've been getting the error code: ERROR 0xC2 disk init.

I've done the FAT 32 Windows standard quick formatting process and tried both the latest version 209 OS and the previous version 208 OS to no avail.

I also tried pressing the reset button on the N64 numerous times and taking out the cartridge and putting it back in to the N64 (incase the problem was a loose cartridge).

No dice.

The thing simply will not boot up so I'm at a loss here.

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