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Hello, guys!

Someone has this problem before?

I have an Everdrive X3 (Model 16, Rev. A, 2016.09.27) since 2019 and wanted to play Virtua Racing Deluxe via Sega 32X again.
I had an Everdrive v3 before X3 and runs flawlessly, but I sold it.
Since I've bought this X3, never tried to load any ROMs with the 32X attached.

The Everdrive X3 is running any games without problems, directly attached on Mega Drive 3 and Mega Drive 2 (Brazilian models).

If I try to load any ROM with the Sega 32X attached, it will show the "Loading" message, and apparently give a "reset" after this.

Neither Sega 32X or Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive ROMs load...
Trying to play 32X or Genesis cartridges attached via Sega 32X, runs without any issues.

Here are some photos. I've tried update the OS and the problems still persists...

EverDrive N8 / help with hi-def NES and overdrive pro
« Last post by gusta1181 on Today at 02:17 AM »
My Everdrive pro is not working with my HI-def NES properly, my Hi-def nes works perfect with any regular game but with the Everdrive pro it always stop working after 30 o 40 minutes and it won't work again until is off for like 30 minutes, I don't understand why is that happening, is there anyone else who has this problem? I would like to know what can be done, is there any fixing?
The Sega CD games After Burner III (USA) and Blackhole Assault (USA) seem to have glitches or crash after firmware 4.08.

After Burner III has trouble playing the opening video, sometimes it has graphical glitches and eventually freezes other times the screen goes black or white while sound keeps playing until freezing. The game seems to play fine if you skip the video.

On Blackhole Assault the opening video plays fine but the game has lots of graphical glitches mostly solid colour shapes appearing on the screen.

I was sure these games used to work so after trying another SD card I tried older firmwares until they started working again on 4.08 (need to use the repair tool to go back to 4.08 or lower).
Both games are from the redump set and I'm using a Samsung Evo Pro 128GB.

Can anybody confirm the same issue?
EverDrive 64 / Re: Dinosaur Planet Mod, Patch and Discord
« Last post by Kerr Avon on Today at 01:11 AM »
So I tested the rom, it didnt work. I managed to get a bit more into the intro before it blackscreened. I'm using a usa pikachu edition n64 with the red pak, why wont this game run?

Have you added the lines:

DP=50       (Dinosaur Planet Prototype and hacks/fixes)

into your save_db.txt file? Otherwise the game won't work. See the first post in the thread at:

for details of how to add it.
EverDrive 64 / Re: Dinosaur Planet Mod, Patch and Discord
« Last post by SG333gg on May 16, 2021, 10:14 PM »
I test and play this only on Hardware. I also playtest this for nuggs before a new release.
I am in the middle of the test for the new version.

Mind sharing the secrets?
Mind dming me a copy? Mine doesnt work on real hardware.

Remember that you need an expansion pak plugged into your N64 for this game to work.

I've sent you a PM.

So I tested the rom, it didnt work. I managed to get a bit more into the intro before it blackscreened. I'm using a usa pikachu edition n64 with the red pak, why wont this game run?
EverDrive GBA / Re: Why does Everdrive GBA need an emu for GB and GBC?
« Last post by DaveE on May 16, 2021, 09:05 PM »

The GB/GBC mode of the GBA is triggered by a physical switch in the cartridge slot. GB/GBC cartridges press this switch but GBA carts don't.

Very interesting.  Just found the switch inside the GBA.  Had no idea it was there.  So we'd basically need an Everdrive GBA with a slideable switch that could push that button when we want to play GB/GBC games natively.  Anyway, to get the emu working better, check out the post here-

I didn't realize there was a separate version of the emu specifically for GBC games.  Tried that and so far it's working well. 
EverDrive GBA / Re: Saving with Goomba
« Last post by DaveE on May 16, 2021, 08:53 PM »
Thank you for posting this.  I have a separate post about the GBC games not working well through the emulator, but when I use the GBC version of Goomba that you posted, they work great. 

All of the Everdrive products could benefit from instruction manuals that outline basic usage and emulator details.  Could even be included as a blog below the product pages.  I guarantee it would've made me pull the trigger faster.  Now that I've got my Everdrive GBA figured out, I've purchased a FXPAK Pro and the instructions for that are also spread out all over the internet.  If you read the Everdrive product description pages, many of them don't clearly state what the product does.  For instance, I didn't realize the FXPAK Pro was a better version of the Super ED until someone posted about it here.  Even the Super ED, could use a basic sentence in the description like "Use this to play your roms on your SNES console" and the FXPAK should have the same description but add "adds compatibility for games that use the SFX chip", etc.   

Also, why are there 2 different Everdrive stores? and  both with different product offerings. 
Mega EverDrive / Re: Sega Nomad Mega Everdrive Pro Only 1 Channel of Audio
« Last post by C0rthax on May 16, 2021, 08:05 PM »
I have CD Audio mod on Nomad (also SMS), and it works fine with stereo sound for both CD and Genesis games.
Mod is simple connecting cart pins to audio chip, no bypass.
Maybe some hw issue?
EverDrive 64 / Re: Bought an Everdrive 64 X7 and the Menu flickers
« Last post by nuu on May 16, 2021, 11:31 AM »
He means he should try without the HDMI adapter. Try with the normal composite video cable.
Mega EverDrive / Re: Mega EverDrive Pro - Rolling Colour Bars / No Signal
« Last post by jerrymh on May 16, 2021, 04:35 AM »
Mine stops working on the micro SD lock (7 dias works fine),  the card not stays locked.  I am disappointed that I bought the MED pro
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