Author Topic: v3 not reading SDHC cards anymore (error 54) but regular SD fine: is it dying?  (Read 3495 times)

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So the subject says it all. My ED-MD v3 is running mdos.bin v2 and it now only recognizes regular old SD cards, which are limited to a mere 2 GB which is not enough for my needs.

The card that is not recognized anymore is a SDHC integral ultima pro 4gb class 6, regular size. A microSD 2gb is still recognized, as well as other  full size SD cards of 512mb and 1gb from different brands. The only one that isn't working is the SDHC one.

I've already tried lots of things, switching pad, power brick, etc. I'm on a Genesis 1.

The ABC test fails only at the last stage (SPI) and I canĀ“t run it when with a 2 GB card or less (non SDHC). Also the C button seems to launch the game as it was the start button...

My ED is 4-5 years old: is it dying? (also I have used it just a few times in all those years...).

EDIT: I found this sub-forum so I moved my problem here.

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your cartridge can not read normal sdhc sd card anymore ,but still work fine with a old 2G sd card, it's just because your sdhc sd card faild.
do not trust fully your sdhc sd card.