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New Everdrive X5 and Unable to navigate or select anything on the menu

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I just received my Everdrive X5 and I followed a tutorial on YouTube for setting it up. Once I put the X5 into the GBA, I ran into an issue where I can't move up, down or select anything from the menu. Has anyone ran into this issue, if so what are some solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Do the buttons work with a normal rom cartridge?

Yes, it has worked with a normal cartridge before. I do want to add that  I modded my GBA by adding a the Funny Playing IPS LCS V2, I am not sure if that would affect anything. I am trying to get my hands on another gameboy advance or gameboy sp to see if it would work on other devices.

check mod installation

Thank you, that is exactly what I have as well. I will remove the wiring but its kind of weird that the wiring creates this issue.


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