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Off Topic / issues with NTSC games on my PAL N64
« on: October 23, 2015, 11:58 PM »
Hello chaps,

While this issue arises with my ED64 I figured it's a general problem not directly related or caused by the ED64 so I am posting this in the off topic section instead.

First, my setup:
Samsung UE40C6000 HDTV
PAL N64 with composite cable connected to the TV
Onkyo TX-NR509 AV Receiver
ED64 v2.53 with ultraCIC

PAL games run fine, but when I run NTSC games I get weird colors and "ghosting". I have made a video of the issue here, showing me running F-Zero X PAL, then the 64DD NTSC variant:

This issue appears with both the N64 connected through my AV receiver as well as directly to the TV. Is there something I can try to remedy this issue? A certain kind of cable or cheap box I can buy to actually enjoy NTSC games?



EverDrive 64 / ED OS Controller pak compatibility
« on: October 11, 2015, 01:07 PM »

I own an N64 Jolt Pack 256 by blaze. It's a combined rumble/memory pack with a switch on the bottom to switch between modes.

Games can access the memory pack just fine, but the everdrive 64 simply tells me there's no cpak detected. Is ED64 OS compatible with third party memory paks at all? If so, are there any brands that are known to work? Preferably one that is a combined rumble/controller pak.

EverDrive GB / Everdrive GB and GB Boy Color
« on: July 14, 2015, 09:38 PM »

I just received my GB Boy Colour from the company Kongfeng. It's a Gameboy Color clone that plays regular GB and GBC cartridges and the good news is that it also works fine with the EDGB. Now I can enjoy GBC games on a beautiful backlit screen. The only thing worth mentioning is, that when the batteries are half full, EDGB will no longer be able to flash games, you can only run the game already on the cart.

EverDrive GB / Is the EDGB limited to 32k SRAM by Hardware?
« on: May 16, 2015, 01:02 AM »

I am currently trying to find a way to backup photos from my old GB Camera to my PC. I figured I could use the EDGB to load the GB Camera ROM then use a second GB(C/A) and a Link cable to transfer over the photos from the GB Camera to the EDGB, then grab the savegame from the EDGB folder and drop it into a programm called GB Camera Dump.

I've actually managed to do that by setting the save RAM to YES manualy after l load the Camera ROM. However, the GB Camera has 128Kbyte (16x8kbyte) of SRAM, EDGB only allows us to allocate 32kbyte.

The result is that the Gameboy Camera ROM will not work correctly and sending photos over to the EDGB might send photos into nirvana instead of the actual SRAM. I've found that apparently the last 6 photos i transfer over are actually saved. I fell like this is somewhat risky, as we could potentially loose precious photos that we might not have saved anywhere else (see for an example), luckily I am doing my experiments on a secondary, non-vital GB Camera.

Now my question: is the 32Kbyte SRAM Limit an actual hardware limit (i.e. there's only 32kbyte of SRAM actually on the board) or if it is a software limit that was set because it was thought a bigger SRAM was not needed? If It's the latter, can we expect 128Kbyte SRAM Support in a future OS Update?



EDIT: From the looks of it, there's actually a 1024Kbit RAM Chip attached to the board, which would equal the needed 128Kbyte. Is the chip solely used as SRAM or does it serve another purpose? I assume the EDGB OS itself uses part of that for keeping settings?

EverDrive GB / new EDGB - some woes
« on: May 11, 2015, 11:23 PM »
Hello folks,

In just received my everdrive GB today and I have been fiddling around with it since noon. At first it worked, then it seemed to be broken and after hours of trying to fix it, repeatedly switching and reformatting sdhc cards it seemingly returned back to life.

It took me another few hours of trial and error to re-break and re-fix it and I am now at a a point where I think I have figured out what part stops working exactly and how to fix it but I am still not able to reproduce it controllable at a 100% success rate so i'll just start of with the first issue.

But before that, my setup: I am trying to use the EDGB on my GBA SP AGS-001 and a regular AGB-001 model. The micro SDHCs I tried are a SanDisk 2GB and an off-brand 8GB model. Both have been verified with a tool called h2testw which confirmed they are properly working and actually hold as much data as they claim they do (so no fake Chinese cards that wont actually hold the amount it says on the box)

First issue: quite often "Load and start" will not properly load the ROM, instead it will boot to either a blank screen, a Gameboy logo garbled Nintendo lettering or the ROM that was on the card before - but broken. So if I had Tetris on it and tried loading Legend of Zelda it would actually boot to the Tetris title screen, but upon pressing start the screen would garble up and freeze the system. I can even predict when this issue would appear because "erasing..." would only take a split second before proceeding to "writing...". To fix this, I need to select "Load" instead, then press start to launch the game. This will succeed when the "erasing..." takes a few seconds instead of a split second before. Maybe I am doing something wrong or this is a known issue. Any ideas? Edit: it actually seems I need to wait a few (~30) seconds before loading a rom for the erasing process to actually succeed.

Second issue: The Gameboy Camera Rom will load fine but it wont save the photos "taken". I was intending to send photos over via link cable from my original GB Camera and then be able to access the photos in the save data using appropriate tools.
However, EDGB will not save the SRAM of the ROM when selecting a new one, so the save data is never written to the sdhc. Does anyone know what the reason for this is? Does the Camera even use SRAM? Because weirdly enough I would think the battery would be dead after more than 16 years but it still holds my ancient photos.

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