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EverDrive N8 / Error with samsung SD cards? (Error 63 and 65)
« on: October 19, 2014, 11:31 PM »
So I got an NES Everdrive N8 recently, and i've finally gotten the chance to set it up in a case and play it.  I have several 8gb Samsung SD cards that i bought for general things, including the everdrive, but i've run into some issues with them.  I think its isolated to the SD card, since another one seems to work perfectly.

This is the SD card i've got.  They come with an adapter, and I'm currently using one in my Everdrive 64 without issues thusfar.  I've attempted to format the cards in different ways, all of them FAT32, with various allocation sizes to no avail.  I've only copied the files over in Windows 7, no external file copy program. 

The OS loads up just fine initially, but after attempting to load a game, it returns an IO Error.  I got a couple different ones, 63 and 65 i think were the main ones.  And the error continued after attempting to reset the system.  I had to do a full power cycle to get it to return to the OS menu.  This happens with 2 different SD cards, although they are exactly the same.

I currently have a Kingston SD card, 4GB, in right now, which i formatted with all default values and copies the OS and games over the exact same way, and it appears to work fine. 

I'm curious if there are any suggestions to get the Samsung Cards working, or what might cause the error messages im getting to be returned. 

Thanks for the help! 

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