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Everdrive GB X- last few banks in 8MB space always corrupted?

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Before I made this post, I made sure to look at the firmware update history to see if this problem was patched out. Unfortunately, it hasn't, but makes sense seeing that it only shows up in a specific use case.
I've been extensively testing an audio encoder I made for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color using an EDGB X3, and for most audio ROMs it works. Where it starts to have problems is with tracks that are only a few banks away from overflowing the entire 8MB ROM space.
When the audio is a few seconds away from ending, it first gets cut off completely for a second (presumably all zeroes,) returns for another second, followed by a few seconds of ear-piercing glitchy distorted garbage. This garbage audio is slightly different every time the problem happens, so some of the data must be getting written there.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional, because no commercial game (and most homebrews/demos) don't take up this much ROM space, and therefore the OS could use it for something.
Any chance it'll get patched out in the future?

Since the Everdrive is advertised as having 8MB ROM space, it must be a bug. On the other hand the original ED64 was initially advertised as having 64MB ROM space although the top part of it was actually used as the save memory space (unless the game used EEPROM for saving).

All Everdrive X3 models have memory shared rom+save+os this why x3 required to reset to save save file

All Everdrive X7 models have dedicated memory.for rom, save and os

Ok, it does say max ROM size 8MB, and not 8MB dedicated ROM space. So it's 8MB total RAM and up to 128kB of it can be used for saving.

I think that should be made clear in the description on the homepage.

On X3 page at some point said it lacks dedicated sram chip so a part of the 8MB is used to simulate the save system.

Interesting, know we know what happens with the X3 when a rom too big is loaded.

The X5 or X7 is best suited for the usage OP wants to employ to the cart.


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