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HELP! Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament Problems

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Hi, I’m looking for some help

I’m having problems with this game, all of the character names are missing in the menus & all of the times in trial trials mode are 0.00.00 which makes it impossible to set new records, I have tried all of the available roms for this game.

I’m using the latest Mega Everdrive Pro & have tried multiple firmwares including the latest, I have tried using a MD1 (USA & JPN), MD2 (PAL) & Analogue Mega SG, same results every time, I did not have these issues on my old Everdrive X7 so it’s definitely an issue with the Pro.

Is there anyway to get this game to work properly?

Couple of images

I can confirm i also encounter same bug on PRO

look at like camercia mapper problem

Would that be an easy fix for Krikkz in a future update?

Can anybody else start the game and confirm this bug?
I really hope this can be sorted as it’s one of the best games multiplayer games on the system

It will be fixed in next update. Until then you can use linked save file to fix the problem. Unzip, then rename it whatever your rom called and put it to the MEGA/saves/smd-bram folder.


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