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Which version of ED X7 is the newest?

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I want to buy ED X7, but now it's only available from dealers. They are selling different versions of X7 and I dont know which one is the most genuine (best revision). Can you help me?

Ever Drive GB (the third picture down), is not one of the X line. It's Krikkz's original GB Everdrive. It uses a different kind of memory and thus games upload into its memory at a much slower rate. It's somewhat closer to X5 in features though, as it does have instant saving, but no RTC or save states.

The second to last is the sticker Krikkz uses on the ones he sells directly and presumably through AMazon stores.

The last one is from Stone Age Gamers or the authorized US redistributor. You can't go wrong with Stone Age Gamers, they are authorized dealers, and defintely have access to the newest revisions (or will say otherwise, older revisions tend to be slightly less expensive than the newest).

Second picture looks to be original Everdrive GB, not part of hte X line (as I mentioned above) but through a German redistributor.

The first one is from Retro Towers, which is UK authorized redistributor I think. So they would be selling whatever is most up to date, or say should otherwise.

Thank you for the answer. Looks like the best option is version with black label (the second to last). It has info on back REV C, so the best one.

Yes, but if you are ordering, order from whichever distributor is closest to you, and their website should list revisions they sell as well. I really like Stone Age Gamers, because of the extra stuff they offer, and customization options. You also get a game pak of roms from Piko.

OK, thanks. I'm from Poland and funny is that my best choice is to order from Amazon (USA).


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