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How to trim Byuu's Bahamut Lagoon rom 8MB->7MB to fit on Everdrive?

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So Near (formerly byuu) recently put out a translation for Bahamut Lagoon that revamps the UI to look really good in English, but unfortunately it's 8MB and doesn't fit on an Everdrive by default.

However, on the release page he says
--- Quote ---"The Everdrive will need a ROM trim to 7MB (safe to do!) first."
--- End quote ---

But I'm I'm having trouble finding a program to do this. I tried using "Decrease ROM size" in WindHex" but the ROM it outputs has lots of corrupted text and eventually a crash.

Anybody know another program I should try?

trim by delete zeros end of 8mb rom
0x00700000 to 0x007FFFFF

then recalculate checksum of 7mb rom

Ucon64 can fix the checksum for you after you trimmed it manually with a hexeditor like WindHex. Ucon64 is a command-line tool.

So if use Windhex's automatic rom size reduction,  it seems to be removing the last 1MB, which seems to be all zeroes.

Then I used ucon64 to fix checksum with - - chk, but the rom it outputs has the exact same problem.

So I'm not sure if I'm not recalculating the checksum corectly, and I'm not sure if I'm trimming correctly

STOP right there

Do NOT use Automatic Decrease ROM size Feature


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