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D3/F3 FAT errors on new Super Everdrive x6



Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with microsd cards and the new x6?

I've tried about 10 different SD cards of various brands/sizes, all formatted fat32 (including a working one I normally use in my Mega Everdrive Pro) and they are all giving me the same issue:

First boot I get a "ERROR:D3 Disk IO error [disk read error]"
After power off/on, I get "FAT F3" error.

I'm using the latest OS (1.05) which does say this in the changelog:

SNESOS-v1.05 31.03.2021
1) SD compatibility fix for X6

Perhaps this fix needs another look?  Just a thought.


you need 32gb micro sd card is formatted in FAT32  not ExFAT

Yes, they are all FAT32.

I finally got one to work. Looks like it requires a card LARGER than 32GB (32GB did not work for me, but 64GB did).

So if anyone else is having issues, use at least a 64GB card, formatted to FAT32 using allocation unit size of 32768.



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